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  • Booth #60

    826 Valencia

    Enjoy pirate mask making and fun writing activities hosted by a nonprofit that supports under-resourced students & helps teachers inspire students to write

  • Booth #20

    Access Books Bay Area

    Restocking & refurbishing libraries in low-income schools

  • Booth #326

    Adair McPherson

    “Roadkill abc” ─ objet trouve that met premature demise

  • Booth #123

    Adam Plantinga

    SFPD Sgt. and author ─ “400 Things Cops Know and Police Craft”

  • Booth #104

    Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative

    Independant, bohemian bookstore in the SF Mission District since 1989.

  • Booth #205

    African Library Project

    Coordinator of book drives in the United States that partners with African schools and villages to start small libraries

  • Booth #353

    Alexis Fajardo

    “Kid Beowulf” ─ middle-grade action-adventure graphic novel series

  • Booth #2


    Premier media marketplace connecting you to over 150 million books, movies, and albums from thousands of independent sellers worldwide ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #217

    All World Gayatri Pariwar, Bay Area

    Branch of Gayatri Pariwar: a pursuit for understanding scientific spirituality

  • Booth #148

    Alliant International University

    Information about Alliant; publications by alumni

  • Booth #55

    Alphabet Rockers

    Social justice-themed community building and crafts with the Grammy nominated hip hop artists ─ create your own bookmark, button making and more

  • Booth #44

    Alta Magazine

    Quarterly magazine that covers California and the West

  • Booth #29

    Amber DeAnn

    Author/life-coach “Release Your Magical Child”; “Mental Reset”

  • Booth #357

    Andre Karpov

    Author, environmentally conscious children’s books

  • Booth #323

    Andy Furillo

    Reporter turned author ─ crime/political fiction

  • Booth #354

    Aryele Maye

    “Unapologetically Cecilia” — debut book with commitment to increase creatives of color in writing as authors and characters

  • Booth #333

    Ayasha Tripp


  • Booth #63

    Bay Area Garden Railway Society Roving Railroad

    Relive Gertrude Chandler Warner’s classic “The Boxcar Children” with this elaborate, interactive garden railway scene

  • Booth #154

    Bay Area Horror Writer’s Association

    Worldwide organization of writers, filmmakers, & publishers promoting dark literature

  • Booth #149

    Beneficial State Bank

    Values-based bank and Certified @BCorporation committed to #BeneficialBanking ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #35

    Berkeley Patients Group

    Nation’s longest-running dispensary, serving quality cannabis since 1999 ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #156

    Berkeley Police Department-Recruitment

    Building positive relationships in a diverse community

  • Booth #61

    Berkeley Public Library

    Fun, interactive educational activities for children

  • Booth #126

    Berrett-Koehler Publishers

    Oakland-based publisher committed to making the world a better place for all

  • Booth #28

    Betty Thomas Patterson

    “What’s College About Anyway?” – picture book introducing college to young children

  • Booth #40

    Bevan Atkinson

    “‘The Tarot Mysteries” series

  • Booth #220

    Bhakti Yoga

    Vedic books, posters, and more

  • Booth #24

    Bharat Babies

    Indie publisher that celebrates India through children’s lit

  • Booth #37

    Bishop & Fuller

    Authors of “Galahad’s Fool” ─ collaborating playwrights, novelists & actors for nearly 60 years; recipients of NEA writing fellowship

  • Booth #25


    Bridging the gap in Spanish and bilingual literacy for young readers

  • Booth #359

    Britta Stromeyer Esmail

    “Raina’s (Un) Happy Birthday” ─ winner, GOLD SEAL from the Mom’s Choice Awards

  • Booth #9

    California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

    For 50 years, CIIS has led the way in innovative, transformative education ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #124

    California Writers Club

    Nonprofit dedicated to education for all in the craft of writing and publishing

  • Booth #314

    Carlo Ocaya

    “Mystical Tale” Series

  • Booth #116

    Catamaran: A Literary Journal and Writing Conference

    Quarterly literary journal with a summer writing conference.

  • Booth #

    Catapult / Counterpoint Press / Soft Skull Press

    Independent publisher of three critically acclaimed literary imprints

  • Booth #15

    Center for the Art of Translation/Two Lines Press

    Publishing the best world literature in English translation. Visit our Poetry Inside Out booth to translate poems from all over the world. ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #58

    Chabot Space & Science Center

    Enjoy enriching activities with the Oakland institution whose mission is to inspire and educate learners of all ages

  • Booth #22

    Christian A. Espinoza

    “The Other Side” ─ picture book, Spanish & English

  • Booth #356

    Christina Newhard

    Sari-Sari Storybooks — bilingual children’s books in Philippine languages

  • Booth #11

    Chronicle Books

    Independent San Francisco publisher of distinctive books & gifts ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #21

    Claudia Schwalm

    Author/photographer ─ “Being Bilingual is Fun!”, “Folk Art of Mexico”

  • Booth #19


    Beautifully crafted journal bandoliers, bookbinding kits, hand-bound books and notebooks

  • Booth #219

    Cody Schlegel


  • Booth #362

    Corey M.P.

    Author/illustrator — books for adults and children; “Sammy’s Books” series

  • Booth #317

    D. Williams

    “The Killing of Mr. Floyd”, “There Are Times When”, “Hear How It Goes”

  • Booth #129

    Dalila Caryn

    “The Forgotten Sister”, “Future Queen”, and YA fantasy “Dust House and the West Wind”

  • Booth #321

    Dan Hanel

    “In the Shadow of Diablo” historical mystery series

  • Booth #328

    Danielle K. Roux

    “August Prather is Not Dead Yet” — road trip fantasy about lovable queer weirdos

  • Booth #311

    David H. Reiss

    Award-winning supervillainous sci-fi series “The Chronicles of Fid”

  • Booth #206

    David Heintz

    “A Backlash Reckoning: How Many Crises Can A Green New Deal Solve?”

  • Booth #119

    David Hoobler

    Author/illustrator/publisher of “Zonk the Dreaming Tortoise” picture books

  • Booth #347

    Dean Stuart

    Illustrator / author “Finders Keepers” ─ picture books, comics, and surreal stories

  • Booth #337

    Deborah Nelson

    “The Last Portrait: A Psalm for Monique” ─ memoir honoring my daughter, lost to gun violence

  • Booth #147

    Downtown Berkeley Association

    Independent nonprofit funded by Downtown property owners, focused on creating a welcoming, vibrant and prosperous City Center — Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #5

    East Bay Booksellers

    Formerly DIESEL, A Bookstore! We’re mostly the same–because we’re different

  • Booth #3

    Eastwind Books of Berkeley

    Local, independent book store specializing in Asian American, ethnic studies literature, and history

  • Booth #301

    Eytan Uliel

    Australian traveler and author – “Man Mission”

  • Booth #137

    Friends of the Berkeley Public Library

    Supporting community programming at the Berkeley Public Library

  • Booth #207

    G. Eb Williams

    Simplifyism: Connecting the Dots through Simplicity — improving focus, productivity, time-management

  • Booth #319

    Gabriela Iñiguez

    Math teacher, bilingual poet — “Moments of Inspiration Momentos de Inspiracion” poetry in English & Spanish

  • Booth #325

    Gerry Courtney

    “Love Letters to trump” — photo book of SF Bay Area resistance marches

  • Booth #310

    Gini Grossenbacher, M.ED

    Author, Editor, Publisher — “Madam of My Heart”, award-winning “American Madams”

  • Booth #1

    Green Apple Books & Music

    “San Francisco’s famously independent bookstore”

  • Booth #327

    Greg Shappell

    “Rebel Pets” ─ lost pet flyers & their true followup stories

  • Booth #27

    Guba Publishing

    Bilingual Bengali-English children’s picture book publisher

  • Booth #210

    Guerrilla Cartography

    Nonprofit promoting the cartographic arts

  • Booth #62

    Habitot Children’s Museum

    Giant building block play and monster bots — interactive play

  • Booth #141

    Half Price Books

    Your favorite local bookstore. Everywhere. Buying and selling daily.

  • Booth #343

    Hannah Hunley

    Novelist and playwright ─ children’s & YA fantasy – “Many Worlds” series, “Pocket Dragons”, “Infinity”, “Infinity 2”

  • Booth #140

    Haymarket Books

    Independent, radical publisher of social justice books ─ books for changing the world

  • Booth #330

    Heather Jacks

    “Sister Stories: in their own words” ─ coffee table book about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

  • Booth #112


    Independent, nonprofit publisher and unique cultural institution

  • Booth #52

    Hope Silver/Julia Kosivchuk

    Writer & illustrator duo; coloring for kids

  • Booth #105

    ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America)

    Distributing free materials about Islam

  • Booth #218

    ISKCON-Int’l Society for Krishna Consciousness

    Spiritual books on yoga, meditation, and the science of self-realization

  • Booth #346

    J. Dianne Dotson

    “Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One,” — sci-fi/fantasy novel

  • Booth #339

    J.P. Carol

    “The Sixth Event” mystery; “All Hallows’ Eve” ─ YA fantasy series; children’s picture book

  • Booth #324

    James A. Jacobs

    “Daniel Mendoza” series; coming-of-age/historical thrillers

  • Booth #53

    Jeff Durston

    “Make America Grape Again” — how one misguided orange almost ruined the whole fruit salad

  • Booth #308

    Jeffrey Staley

    “Gum Moon: A Novel of San Francisco Chinatown”

  • Booth #351

    Jen Myzel

    Singer-songwriter, elementary school teacher, author; “”Yellow Lotus Flower” children’s sing-a-long book

  • Booth #51

    Joella Williams

    “Clef Notes: Discovering the World of Music”

  • Booth #322

    Jon James Miller

    “Looking For Garbo” ─ mystery/romance novel

  • Booth #320

    JS Lee

    “Keurium”, and other works that navigate race, trauma, and adoption

  • Booth #315

    Jud Widing

    Novels and short stories

  • Booth #344

    K.M. Harrell

    “Nyira and the Invisible Boy” YA fantasy

  • Booth #10


    KALW 91.7 FM – NPR affiliate presenting news, public affairs, music and arts ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #303

    Kay Rodriques

    Jamaican stories in handmade artist’s books — silent hare studios

  • Booth #363

    Kelly Franco

    “A Tail of Two Friends”, “Oh, the Pawsibilities” ─ picture books

  • Booth #360

    Keri Collins

    “You Can Call Me Katelyn” and “Always Sparkle” journal for children

  • Booth #36


    Makers of organic cannabis-infused herbal teas & discrete artisanal edibles ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #216


    First community supported radio station in the U.S. Established in 1941 ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #

    La Cocina

    Offering evocative, beautiful stories about food, people, +place ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #309

    Larry Williams Jr.

    “Enigmatic Gemini”

  • Booth #136

    Left Margin LIT

    Creative writing center in Berkeley; workshops in poetry, fiction, and memoir

  • Booth #42

    Libby, by OverDrive

    Reading app for ebooks and audiobooks from your library

  • Booth #223

    Lincoln Smith

    Author, local publisher, information on artist support — Local4Publishing/Artist Armor

  • Booth #316

    Linda Oxley Milligan

    “Gitane Marie” — adventure/mystery novels

  • Booth #18

    Lionel’s Place

    Quirky book and handmade goods spreading the message that weird is wonderful!

  • Booth #304

    Lisa Wentz

    Grace Under Pressure: A Masterclass in Public Speaking

  • Booth #26

    Little Feminist

    Monthly book subscription teaching empathy, and importance of equity ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #117

    Lost Paddle Books

    Quality used bookseller focused on literature in translation, fantasy, science fiction and vintage pocketbooks.

  • Booth #340

    Marc Johnson

    “The Passage of Hellsfire” series

  • Booth #23

    Marian Parks

    Inspirational picture books and educational toys for ages 3 to 10

  • Booth #338

    Marissa Kennerson

    “Tarot” ─ YA novel

  • Booth #350

    Mary Elizabeth Smith

    “The Candy Rat” ─ Halloween picture book

  • Booth #332

    Megan A. Clancy

    “The Burden of a Daughter”

  • Booth #17

    MFA in Writing at the University of San Francisco

    Fiction, nonfiction and poetry taught by acclaimed faculty in San Francisco’s diverse literary scene ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #358

    Michelle Travis

    “My Mom Has Two Jobs” ─ children’s picture book

  • Booth #7

    Mills College MFA/Creative Writing and Book Art

    Graduate programs in creative writing, literature, and book art ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #130

    Moe’s Books

    Legendary destination for book lovers since 1959

  • Booth #108

    Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

    Psychedelic & cannabis research and education

  • Booth #152

    Mystery Writers of America

    Northern California regional chapter of the country’s oldest organization of professional mystery writers

  • Booth #32

    Mythic Picnic

    Literary venture supporting small, independent publishers, presses & magazines

  • Booth #211

    N. J. Hanson

    Four titles including “The Kingdom of Dadria: A Lamb Amongst Wolves”

  • Booth #146

    National Writers Union

    Northern California Chapter labor union for freelance writers, all genres, all media

  • Booth #41

    Newzad Brifki

    “My Journey to America” — A Kurdish American Story

  • Booth #361

    Nigel Sussman

    Berkeley based illustrator, muralist, and author — “Alphabet Compendium”

  • Booth #302

    Norma Rusbar

    Editor, “Bailing Out the Company Canoe: Become a Better Boss” by R. H. Franck

  • Booth #34

    North Atlantic Books

    Berkeley-based nonprofit publisher committed to bold exploration of the relationships between mind, body, spirit, and nature

  • Booth #30

    Object: Found

    Glass pendants with upcycled discarded book illustrations made into wearable works of art

  • Booth #150

    Olive Seed Foundation

    Inspiring the next generation to be critical thinkers and ethical gamechangers

  • Booth #133

    Parallax Press

    Nonprofit publisher creating books on mindfulness in daily life

  • Booth #46

    Patients Care Collective, Berkeley

    Longest continually operating cannabis dispensary on the planet. Founded in 2001 ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #348

    Patricia Bossano

    “Las Hijas de la Novia”, “Seven Ghostly Spins: a brush with the supernatural”, “Faerie Legacy” series

  • Booth #4

    Pegasus Books

    Celebrating 50 years of independent bookselling in Berkeley & Oakland

  • Booth #208

    Pete Frittmann

    “Wake up! The arrival of the last messenger”, “Socialism or Extinction, The choice is ours in an AI dominated future”

  • Booth #38

    Peter C. Bradbury

    Six thrillers set in the Bay Area including classic murder mystery “Stonebridge Manor”

  • Booth #132

    PM Press

    Independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate and inspire!

  • Booth #31

    Poetry Flash

    Review & literary calendar for CA; presenter of the 38th annual Northern California Book Awards and Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival

  • Booth #312

    Prem Menon

    “Utopia Revisited 2050” fiction novella eBook

  • Booth #225

    Prisoner’s Literature Project

    Local nonprofit that sends books to prisoners

  • Booth #341

    R. Litfin

    “The Chronicles of Royal High” YA fantasy/pop #AdventuringPrincess series

  • Booth #14

    Raes of Sun/Rae Trujillo – Artist

    Maker of bookish things ─ artists’ books, luxury bookmarks, purses, journals

  • Booth #14

    RE/Search and Search & Destroy

    Hand-made zines and books

  • Booth #204

    Recover Your Thoughts

    Journals made from discarded library books

  • Booth #50


    Come by for comfortable relaxation at the REI Lounge ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #54

    Renee Perez

    “Camp Strange” ─ burp-filled middle grade novel

  • Booth #139

    Renewal by Andersen

    Signature service and professional installation of beautfiul windows — Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #345

    Reno Ursal

    “Enlightenment” ─ YA novel

  • Booth #110

    Revolution Books

    Intellectual, political & cultural center for a movement for revolution

  • Booth #306

    Rhea Iris Rivers

    “Our Forgotten Allies” ─ guidebook on renewal and healing

  • Booth #355

    Robert Liu-Trujillo

    Author/illustrator of children’s books, book accessories

  • Booth #336

    Robin Lowey

    “Game Changers: Lesbians You Should Know About” ─ graphic novel

  • Booth #39

    Rochelle Riley

    “The Burden” — Slavery didn’t end; it just changed addresses

  • Booth #349

    Russ Towne

    Children’s picture books, fiction & non-fiction for grownups

  • Booth #138

    Saint Mary’s College MFA in Creative Writing

    Two-year creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry program in Moraga, CA

  • Booth #111

    San Francisco Chronicle

    World-class journalism, San Francisco style ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #131

    San Francisco State University

    Creative Writing Programs: BA, MA, and MFA ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #109

    San Francisco Writers Conference & Classes

    Nonprofit offering conferences and classes for writers

  • Booth #106

    SF Creative Writing Institute

    Creative writing instruction. Find Your Voice. Tell Your Story.

  • Booth #118

    Shambhala Publications

    Independent Publisher of books on Buddhism and more

  • Booth #45

    She Writes Press

    Independent hybrid publisher of books for and by women

  • Booth #213

    Shut Up & Write!

    Writing community with weekly events all over the Bay Area

  • Booth #120

    Small Press Distribution

    Literary arts organization; the only nonprofit literary distributor in the U.S.

  • Booth #43


    Revolutionizing the internet, one neighborhood at a time ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #135

    Stanford University Press

    Publisher of ideas that matter; books that endure

  • Booth #334

    Stefan Salinas

    Author/illustrator, children’s books celebrating Catholic churches, Muslim-Christian relations; graphic novel

  • Booth #121

    Stefani Bulsara

    “Radio Ga Ga: A Mixtape for the End of Humanity” ─ lyrical, farcical dystopian novel

  • Booth #331

    Susan Burrowes

    “Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey through Teen Addiction” ─ a mother & daughter story of hope

  • Booth #313

    Suzanne Pederson

    Something to Remember — romance and fiction novels

  • Booth #307

    Tamesha Edwards


  • Booth #215

    The Contender

    Makers of the Contender makes social games based on storytelling and rhetoric

  • Booth #57

    The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

    Free arts & crafts with recycled materials and found objects

  • Booth #352

    Tracy Stanley

    “The Windy Day” and “El Dia Ventoso” — children’s books

  • Booth #122

    Transit Books

    Nonprofit publisher of international and American literature; based in Oakland

  • Booth #144

    University of Nevada Press

    Publisher of books celebrating the history and culture of the American West

  • Booth #125

    Vahid Razavi

    “Ethics In Tech and Lack Thereof” and “Age of Nepotism”

  • Booth #329

    Vanya Erickson

    “Boot Language: A Memoir”

  • Booth #342

    Vincent M. Wales

    Speculative fiction author & creator of Dynamistress

  • Booth #158

    Visit Berkeley

    Official travel resource for the City of Berkeley— Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #364

    Wanda Remmers

    “If you looked at me you would not know…” children’s book

  • Booth #107

    WriterCoach Connection

    Bringing critical thinking and writing coaches to middle/high schools

  • Booth #59

    Writopia Lab

    Giveawys & interactive fun — come write, draw, or add a line to our group poem!

  • Booth #47

    Wunderbar Together Pavilion

    Pavilion of German-American Friendship with an engaging program featuring contemporary German literature, language and culture ─ Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #305

    Zannah Martin

    “Song of Sarai: A Novel Retelling of Ancient Spirituality” — revisit the epic myth of Sarah and Abraham

  • Booth #127

    Zenora Knight

    “The Curse of the Bailey Women”

  • Booth #33


    A San Francisco Journal of Arts & Letters