2020 Sneak Peek

This year’s election is arguably one of the most important in our lives. Great books—the kind you find at the Bay Area Book Festival—are allies as we work together to bring about change and create a better world. Yes, it seems kind of crazy to have to argue that truth and intelligence matter, and that art and imagination foster empathy and open the mind. But in today’s degraded discourse, we do have to fight for these things.

Let it be true that we wrote the world and each other back to life. Let that be the new book….. [W]riting can yet invent new forms of resistance and resilience in the face of brutality. 

Lidia Yuknavitch after the 2016 election (catch her at the 2020 Festival!) 

Every hurled slur, every stereotype and assumption denies us our stories ― and I’m vowing to tell as many and as deeply as I can in the years ahead.

Vanessa Hua also post-2016 (see her too at the 2020 Fest!)

Enter the sixth annual Bay Area Book Festival! This year’s Fest will inform, empower, and connect us all through the literary work of brilliant, responsible creators and thinkers, catalyzed by thousands of caring, smart people (that’s you) coming together over one special weekend. Books can build bridges across even the most challenging divides: bridges of understanding, bridges to new politics, bridges to new ways to manage problems, bridges beyond a chasm of despair that can seem impossible to cross. This Sneak Peek of the 2020 Fest’s growing line-up—just a few of the topics and the 200+ speakers we’ll present—makes us feel downright optimistic.