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  • Booth #32

    826 Valencia

    826 Valencia: A nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting under-resourced students with their writing skills. Through volunteer support, we offer free after-school tutoring, writing, and publishing support for students 3-k.

  • Booth #249

    Aditi Oza

    Aditi Oza: Self-taught mixed media artist whose love for folk art inspires paintings, embroidery, and stories based on love for her Indian heritage and culture. Her debut picture book “Kesar and the Lullaby Birds” is a vibrant celebration of traditional artisans from the remote deserts of Kutch, India.

  • Booth #43

    African Library Project

    African Library Project: Facilitates U.S. volunteers collecting gently used children’s books to send via shipping container to schools in our partner countries in Anglophone Africa. Will be accepting GENTLY USED children’s books to send to South Africa, Kenya, and Lesotho, with kids helping pack the boxes!

  • Booth #23

    Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

    Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: Learn about Islam’s history and its teachings through the literary work of the Community.

  • Booth #31

    Alta Journal • California Book Club

    Alta Journal: Quarterly print magazine and related website that focus on the literature, art, and culture of California and the West.

  • Booth #25

    America Eclipsed

    America Eclipsed: Laurent Colvin created the “America Eclipsed” Tarot deck with artist Morpheus Anima, and wrote the companion book “Progressive Outrage Explored with Tarot” born out of Laurent’s concern for our country when Trump ascended to the oval office in the same year that a total solar eclipse crossed the nation.

  • Booth #229

    American Bauhaus

    Erik Schmitt: While attending the notable reunion of Black Mountain College – a school which shaped some of the greatest American artists – author Erik Schmitt gathered extensive quotes which serve as the foundation of his beautifully written and designed book: “American Bauhaus”.

  • Booth #261


    AMLBOOKS: Antoinette Lawrence was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and currently resides in Bowie, Maryland. Antoinette Lawrence is an educator, entrepreneur, and mentor teacher. Ms. Lawrence has written and self published four children’s books. Antoinette enjoys traveling, spending time with family, writing, shopping, and motivating children to read.

  • Booth #224


    Arabia Bookshop: Will display some of the books that the company sells in international schools in Egypt, and to exchange cultures between the educational and academic orientation in Egypt.

  • Booth #62

    Authorpreneur Talva

    Authorpreneur Talva: Talva is an author, ghostwriter, and screenwriter with books available for children and adults.

  • Booth #52

    Ballerina Belle

    Ballerina Belle: Inspired by the most famous classical ballets and written by professional ballerina, teacher and author Carol Talmon de l’Armée, the illustrated ballet book series centers on a little girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina. She plans to adorn her booth with tutus, tiaras, and toe shoes to cultivate a classical ambience for the children.

  • Booth #24

    Bay Area Horror Writers Association

    Bay Area Horror Writers Association: Worldwide non-profit organization of writers and publishing professionals dedicated to promoting dark literature.

  • Booth #15

    Bay Area Travel Writers

    BayArea Travel Writers: An organization of professional journalists committed to increasing opportunities for, and promoting excellence among, its members in the practice of responsible travel journalism. Promotes a love of travel along with respect for the cultural and environmental integrity of the places that members visit, write about, and photograph.

  • Booth #245

    Beak Star Books

    Linda Oxley Milligan: Folklorist gone novelist. I wrote my fieldwork based dissertation on the UFO debate in America. In my second career, I bring it to my fiction. What if? Wouldn’t we all be surprised?

  • Booth #116

    Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

    Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association: Local historic preservation organization with many publications about local architecture and history, events, research opportunities, and more.

  • Booth #101

    Books of Amelie

    Books of Amelie: Reviving the nostalgia of traditionally illustrated fiction, Amelie Butkus wrote and illustrated her debut YA mystery novel at 19. “A Lamplighter in Larkeney” combines disco, robots, and an unnecessary amount of peppers into a hilarious buddy-detective mystery.

  • Booth #79

    Bookshop West Portal

    Bookshop West Portal: Local independent bookstore, established in 2006, known for fiction & non-fiction books, plus games, cards & toys.

  • Booth #57

    Bookworm Reads

    Bookworm Reads: Social app and book tracker for readers. Think Goodreads but with more community, more color, and zero Amazon. Will create an interactive booth where readers can come and decorate their bookworm bookmark in the shape of a worm, with stickers to dress it up!

  • Booth #240

    Bridgette Dutta Portman

    Bridgette Dutta Portman: Come meet the author of young adult fantasy trilogy “The Coseema Saga”!

  • Booth #27

    California College of the Arts MFA Writing

    California College of the Arts’ MFA Writing Program: A unique and intimate program nestled within one of the nation’s best design schools that encourages experimentation, interdisciplinary work and one-on-one mentorship. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #54

    California School Library Association

    California School Library Association: California School Librarians will bring the joy of reading, making bookmarks, buttons, flip books, hand sewn journals, drawing books and we’ll share awesome stories with young people who visit our booth.

  • Booth #7

    California Writers Club

    California Writers Club: The CWC is a nonprofit professional organization to assist writers in every genre and at every level of experience in achieving their publishing goals. At our booth we’ll be answering questions writers may have about their career, our organization, or events that may assist them.

  • Booth #210

    Call Me Obie

    ​Ateret Haselkorn: Obie lives with an artificially printed heart and no one can know. The Sci-Fi book “Call Me Obie” takes young readers along on Obie’s journey, discovering the power of empathy in a world of discrimination.

  • Booth #206

    Captain of Her Soul: The Life of Marion Davies

    Lara Gabrielle: “Captain of Her Soul: The Life of Marion Davies” is the first biography of silent film actress Marion Davies in 50 years. Based on a decade of research, the author pulls back layers of Hollywood myth to show the truth behind a complex 1920s figure.

  • Booth #6


    DamonArts Event Caricatures: Live caricatures by award-winning artists

  • Booth #248

    Caroline Pincus

    Connie Chu: Connie is a multi-genre self-published author. She writes fiction, memoir, poetry, and screenplays. She particularly likes sci-fi. Connie will display her many books at her table and looks forward to networking with other self-published authors.

  • Booth #18

    Center for the Art of Translation | Two Lines Press

    Center for the Art of Translation|Two Lines Press: Dedicated to finding dazzling new, overlooked, and underrepresented voices, brought into English by the best translators, and to celebrating the art of translation. Two Lines Press is an award-winning press committed to publishing outstanding literature in translation. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #214

    Changing Tides poetry

    Katy Hoover: “Changing Tides: Poetry of Love, Loss and New Life” is a book filled with freestyle poetry and ocean photography.

  • Booth #258

    Chasing A Spider Publishing

    Chasing A Spider Publishing: We craft stories aimed at educating, entertaining, and intriguing children and families across the world. Our goal is to add value to the lives of people across the globe and to bring people together!

  • Booth #253

    Cheery Things LLC

    Cheery Things LLC: Katherine Crocker’s illustrated book of children’s poetry introduces young children to poetry in relatable terms, reinforcing the importance of art to storytelling. Each poem merges with its illustration to present a small vignette.

  • Booth #263.264


    Write Your Story: Writing program developed for and by Cinnamongirl aiming to contribute to the national narrative by focusing on emerging Black and Brown women writers and supporting the development of all writers of color. Inspiring and honing the storytelling skills of young writers is an investment in the essential platforming of the lives and stories of women of color in every aspect of society. Festival Community Partner

  • Booth #A

    Cousins Maine Lobster

    Cousins Maine Lobster: Locally owned, and nationally known, Cousins Maine Lobster brings authentic Maine lobster to neighborhoods across the U.S. by way of our food trucks & brick & mortar restaurants. As seen on Shark Tank.

  • Booth #216

    D.M. Roberts

    Donna Roberts: Meet the SoCal indie author who will be selling her novels “Letting Go and Holding On” and “Running with Hounds…and an English Degree”, which is her newest release, recently included in Kirkus Reviews’ Indie Books Worth Discovering.

  • Booth #201

    Dana Killion

    Dana Killion: Author of mystery and memoir, exploring what lies beyond the shadows. Her series follows her protagonist’s unrelenting ability to confront deceit and corruption. Dana’s soon to be released memoir tells her raw personal story of love, lies, and leaving.

  • Booth #65.66

    Daniel Micko (Bay Area Author)

    Daniel Micko: Award nominated and critically acclaimed Bay Area author writes about gray areas and dark places. No limits, stretched to the margins.

  • Booth #219

    Denver J. Hamilton

    Denver J. Hamilton: “Addiction: What I Wish I Could Tell My Father” is the story of an artist and musician who is colorblind and tone-deaf. It takes readers along on his journey through learning to cope with depression, anxiety, poor self-image, alcoholism and substance abuse, serving as a guide for anyone (and their families) struggling with addiction.

  • Booth #204

    Destiny Deems

    Destiny Deems: A collection of vignettes, photographs, and images that capture moments from life. A one-of-a-kind rendering of one woman’s path through the process of individuation and determining what really matters.

  • Booth #236

    Doubly Happy

    Anna Wong: Presented in ABC format, “Doubly Happy” captures everyday Chinese culture in prose. Playing off the unity of Double Happiness, the book affirms, celebrates and educates!

  • Booth #35

    EmpowerMint Press

    EmpowerMint Press: David Keyes and Christa Fletcher are independent authors publishing empowering children’s books that inspire kids to be and do their best. They also host creative writing workshops.

  • Booth #28

    Evil Goddess Press

    Evil Goddess Press: Epic fantasy, reimagined fairy tales and powerful women of all kinds written by Dalila Holness. Visit our booth and escape reality!

  • Booth #41.42

    Folio Books

    Folio Books: Queer and woman-owned independent bookshop founded in 2013 in San Francisco’s Noe Valley that sells new books, stationery, puzzles, games, and more. Curates a diverse selection of books in all genres with staff specializing in literary fiction, science fiction/fantasy, YA, romance, and children’s literature.

  • Booth #59

    Francisco the bunny

    Francisco the Bunny, Jenny Baran: What’s a rabbit’s favorite dance style? HIP-HOP! Join the author of the new, heartwarming children’s book “Francisco the Bunny” for bunny hip-hop dance classes, hourly interactive storytimes, and to color your own pages with the illustrator.

  • Booth #80

    Friends of the Berkeley Public Library

    Friends of the Berkeley Public Library: Offering a curated selection from their bookstore’s diverse collection of adult fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and children’s books. Great books at fantastic prices! Proceeds benefit the Berkeley Public Library.

  • Booth #34

    G. Grace

    Grace Schmidt: Whether you’re into Horror or Sci-Fi, you can’t help but get wholly immersed in the author’s fantasy world, where the impossible is possible. The exciting tales with a hint of magical realism take readers on an eventful journey, enabling them to see the world from a different perspective.

  • Booth #243

    GOLDEN: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise

    Leigh Marz: “GOLDEN: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise” — Marz and Zorn take us on an unlikely journey—from the West Wing of the White House to San Quentin’s death row; from Ivy League brain research laboratories to underground psychedelic circles; from the temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park to the main stage at a heavy metal festival—to explore the meaning and importance of silence and the art of finding it in any situation.

  • Booth #239

    Great Diamond Press, LLC

    Great Diamond Press, LLC: Hagop Kaneboughazian is a local animator and author self-publishing heart-warming and inspirational books for kids.

  • Booth #215

    Gregory Miller

    Gregory Miller: “Black Prep School: Reflections of a Nurse on How Black Children are Indoctrinated by the Penal System” is a work of non-fiction that delves into the problems and origins of a system that results in a staggering number of Black children incarcerated after reaching adulthood.

  • Booth #73

    Guerrilla Cartography

    Guerrilla Cartography: Oakland-based nonprofit whose mission is to create opportunities for everyone to participate in cartographic arts and science. Produces crowd-sourced atlases and host mapmaking workshops in our communities and online.

  • Booth #38, 39, 40

    Half Price Books

    Half Price Books: America’s largest family-owned bookstore will be giving away free Kids and YA books – as they have every year since the festival began – from their very popular booth! Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #231

    Hannah Williamson Books

    Hannah Williamson Books: Independent YA fantasy author will be featuring her novel “Heart of the Empire”. Stop by for signings, to purchase the novel, or to pick up some art prints!

  • Booth #213

    Harper Black

    Harper Black: Theresa Thurman is a new, independent author who writes in the romance genre, verging towards subcategories such as second chance romances, mature romance, and multicultural and interracial love.

  • Booth #49

    Haskells Hustles

    Haskells Hustles: Oakland educator and athletics coach Corrin Haskell will be on hand to tak about his two books “The Water Hole” and “Passin’ Gas in Class”.

  • Booth #11

    Hell’s Heaven, A metamorphosis in Costa Rica

    Anthony Florence: “Hell’s Heaven, a Metamorphosis in Costa Rica” navigates the author’s culture shock from the ghetto of Roxbury, Massachusetts to a private school in Connecticut and the New York corporate world, before finally embarking on the adventure he thought would be his paradise dream in Costa Rica.

  • Booth #225.226

    HerStorical Novels: Timeless Women

    Gini Grossenbacher: Come discover “HerStorical Novels”, which tell the timeless tales of women who rose above the boundaries and restrictions of their era.

  • Booth #83.84


    Heyday: An independent, nonprofit publisher founded in 1974 in Berkeley, California, celebrating their recent and backlist publications with a special festival discount.

  • Booth #251

    Hope Silver

    Hope Silver: Presenting her novel “Born – Against All Odds”, a flash fiction collection “Curious Thinkers”, and children’s books “A Diary of a Traveling Hedgehog”, “Cuckoo Who Was Different” and “Little Dreamers”.

  • Booth #21

    Ignatian Literary Magazine

    Ignatian Literary Magazine: Student-run print and online magazine which has provided USF and outside communities creative works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art. Will provide copies of the magazine in the hope of expanding our outreach to all communities.

  • Booth #242

    Impact of Empathy

    Shari Bookstaff: Dolphins, whales and…empathy? Marine biologist and brain tumor survivor Shari Bookstaff shares her story of survival and determination following a devastating stroke in her book, “When Life Throws You Lemons…Make Cranberry Juice!” After her experience as a patient, Shari founded Impact of Empathy to encourage medical professionals to establish immediate connections to patients by better showing empathy.

  • Booth #109

    In the Shadow of Diablo

    Dan Hanel: “In the Shadow of Diablo” is the historical mystery series by the local award-winning author. The four-book series weaves a present-day murder mystery investigated by two high school teachers with fascinating, and often unknown, real Bay Area history.

  • Booth #26

    Invisible City

    Invisible City, MFA in Writing Program, University of San Francisco: An online publication of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction published the fall and spring. Invisible City seeks work that makes the unseen seen, examining the world through previously unconsidered perspectives and angles. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #82

    Jeffrey Vernon Matucha

    Jeffrey Vernon Matucha: Literary fiction about crazy punks doing crazy punk things!

  • Booth #67

    Jennifer Clifford’s Adventures in Collage

    Jennifer Clifford’s Adventures in Collage: A fine art, and paper and gift company based in San Francisco with travel-inspired artwork and accessories made for people who love to explore and collect memories, whether close to home or far away.

  • Booth #60

    Jessica Chrysler

    Jessica Chrysler: Fantasy artist and writer from Southern California. While her work has been published in several picture books, she also creates art for video games and comics.

  • Booth #259

    Jojo Adventure Books

    Emily Shan: “Jojo Adventure Books” is a bilingual board book series that exists to provide more resources to Cantonese-speaking and American-born Chinese families through books and interactive activities in order to preserve Cantonese Language for future generations

  • Booth #53

    Joleen Michellie/ Jobooks

    Jobooks: Author and illustrator Joleen Michellie will be selling and signing her children’s books including delightful rhythmic picture books as well as her newly released children’s chapter book “The Case of The Missing Tooth Fairy”. Come explore and spin the wheel to win a prize.

  • Booth #2

    Jordan Fellas

    Jordan Fellas: “Eerily Wrinkling and the Prodigal Return” is the debut novel of AJ Jordan and follows Alan Ritson’s reluctant return to his childhood home of Wrinkling City. Returning means opening new wounds, fighting forgotten foes, while untangling the ever growing web of lies and deceit. Because in Wrinkling the supernatural is not only expected – it’s the norm.

  • Booth #110

    JP Carol

    JP Carol: “The Sixth Event” poses this question: What if the Vatican had a manuscript that predicted six events which were to occur in our time and when the sixth one came to pass, everything you know and believed in would change? What would you do?

  • Booth #230

    Julien Dourlen Books and Art

    Julien Dourlen Books and Art: Julien illustrates and make stories for children. He release his self-published first book “All the things a Bot could do” a few months ago and loves to share it with kids and families at schools and libraries in the Bay Area.

  • Booth #E

    Kaboom Kettle Corn

    Kaboom Kettle Corn: Kettle Corn and Lemonade

  • Booth #9

    Ken the Book Printer

    Ken the Book Printer: Print your book with us! We offer high-quality book printing services for authors, publishers, and creative professionals. Visit our booth at the Outdoor Fair to see samples of our work and learn more.

  • Booth #209

    Kenneth Davids Coffee

    Kenneth Davids Coffee: Longtime coffee writer and editor of CoffeeReview.com brings “21st Century Coffee: A Guide”, his fourth and most comprehensive book on coffee.

  • Booth #250

    Kid Beowulf Comics

    Alexis Fajardo, Kid Beowulf Comics: History, mythology, and adventure converge in the graphic novel series “Kid Beowulf”. Follow the story of 12-year-old twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel as they travel across distant lands and meet fellow epic heroes therein!

  • Booth #55

    Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs

    Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs: Publisher of books covering a range of important themes such as confidence, manners, facing fears, overcoming obstacles, problem-solving, consent, and body safety. Almost all of her books are written in rhyme, making them engaging and useful for children learning to read. Will have a coloring station at the booth.

  • Booth #B

    La crepe a moi

    La crepe a moi: A local creperie, that has been feeding the bay area since 2010, we are now excited to say that we have a restaurant on 1854 Euclid Ave, Berkeley.

  • Booth #90


    Donna DiGiuseppe: “Lady in Ermine” dramatizes the life of genius Renaissance painter Sofonisba Anguissola. The novel is adapted to a short film and for a feature.

  • Booth #12

    Last Lumenian

    S.G. Blaise: Lilac Grove Entertainment seeks to make the world a better place, one fantasy at a time. In “The Last Lumenian” book series, the award-winning author tells the stories of Princess Lilla, caught in a war between ruling archigods.

  • Booth #117

    Latisha Baker Artworks

    Latisha Baker Artworks: A handmade creative art studio based in Oakland using pyrography as the main medium to create visual and wearable art collections.

  • Booth #220

    Leigh Fenty

    Leigh Fenty: Come meet the author of sweet and humorous contemporary romance to brighten your day and make you smile!

  • Booth #244

    Leo M. Jackson Jr.

    Leo M Jackson Jr: I am a Vietnam Combat veteran and author. At my booth you will find fictional books based on realities of the turbulent late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

  • Booth #203

    Lily E. Espinoza

    Lily E. Espinoza: Read the story of a single mother who became unemployed in 2012 and stayed unemployed for six years until she decided to turn her life around. A true life account and beautiful lesson on finding acceptance.

  • Booth #262

    Linda Drattell

    Linda Drattell: “Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon?” is the story of a lonely dragon who learns to overcome his fear of rejection to find the true meaning of friendship when he meets a boy who appreciates him for who he is. Eve, of Mexican-American heritage, knows what it feels like to not completely belong to either group. Marc, an Asian American, deals with the feeling of otherness imposed on him. Linda, deafened and the mother of adopted children from Colombia, had been excluded in business and social situations over the years and is a regular advocate for inclusivity.

  • Booth #F

    Lins Dim Sum

    Lins Dim Sum: Delicious and Fresh Dim Sum and Noodle dishes. Bring your family to enjoy!

  • Booth #19, 20


    LitCamp: A nonprofit dedicated to supporting writers through conferences, classes, retreats, and community that also runs a co-working space for writers in SF.

  • Booth #257

    Little Chef’s First 100 Words

    Tenisha Bernal: “Little Chef’s First 100 Words” has a culinary twist that introduces babies and toddlers to items that can be found in the heart of the home: the kitchen. The detailed illustrations and brightly colored backgrounds are sure to engage even the youngest cooking enthusiasts!

  • Booth #46

    Little Feminist

    Little Feminist: Children’s book club subscription and publishing house that curates inclusive, feminist books and accompanying discussion questions & activities delivered to families around the world. Start your Reading Scavenger Hunt and find all the inclusive titles at their booth or around the Outdoor Fair to win sweet prizes.

  • Booth #48

    Little Wonders of Nature

    Little Wonders of Nature: Tracey Stanley Iives and works under the Redwood Trees a mile from the historic village of Occidental, CA in Sonoma County, where she writes, illustrates and hand-stamps some of the words into her children’s books. Little Wonders of Nature is her online shop where you can find for how-to craft & cooking videos, along with story times.

  • Booth #111

    Lori Ann Berggren, Author

    Lori Berggren: Be curious, be your own Hero/Heroine, know you are wonderfully enough every day and open your eyes to all the possibilities life has to offer. With “Every Day I Wonder What I will Wonder Next” this author will show you the Wonder way.

  • Booth #D

    Los Cilantros

    Los Cilantros restaurant is a unique experience of Mexican food. Focusing on community, high-quality service and ingredients, and Mexican specialties.

  • Booth #98

    Lost Paddle Books

    Lost Paddle Books: A small independent bookseller specializing in literature, fantasy & science fiction, children’s, young adult and vintage paperbacks.

  • Booth #104

    Mandorla Books

    Mandorla Books: A boutique book publisher with a unique author-centric model where authors retain 100% of their rights and receive 100% of their royalties.

  • Booth #89

    Mangalam Press

    Mangalam Press: Buddhist books for sale from the Tibetan Nyingma organizations founded by Tarthang Tulku.

  • Booth #228

    Marc Johnson

    Marc Johnson: Local fantasy and science fiction author with a deep knowledge of Star Trek and a love of boardgaming.

  • Booth #78

    Marcus Books

    Marcus Books: Historic independent bookshop, opened in the ’60s, specializing in titles by & about black people. At Marcus Books “Black” is not a subject, a single month, or a niche; it is the universe. “Black” is not just history; it is the present and the future.

  • Booth #1

    Maria Castellucci Moore

    Maria Castellucci Moore: “Vivienne in Paris” follows a young Parisian girl who journeys through Paris using her five senes to discover what makes her tick. A story about mindfulness, curiosity and wonderment.

  • Booth #30

    Matt Gaser

    Matt Gaser: Matt Gaser is an award winning illustrator and concept artist. Check out his booth and come explore a whole new world!

  • Booth #64

    Medicine for Nightmares/Medicina para Pesadillas

    Medicine for Nightmares/Medicine para Pesadillas: This bookstore on 24th Street in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District offers the community books that represent the people living here, in addition to a space for music, poetry readings and a rotating visual arts exhibit.

  • Booth #3

    Meera Klein

    Meera Klein: Award-winning author combines her love of cooking and writing in her two novels, both of which feature plant-based, easy-to-use recipes, and an uplifting story.

  • Booth #97


    Myesha Shuaibe: “Melanin Gang” is a brand formed to inspire, celebrate, and empower Black people.

  • Booth #260

    Melissa Come Back

    Melissa Come Back, Patrice Keet: Melissa, the featured speaker at a fundraising event, and her previous foster mother are reunited after a twenty year separation. Twenty years of pain, loss and longing bubble up for both of them. “Melissa Come Back” will leave you in tears and make you believe in the power of intentional family.

  • Booth #81

    Message in a Matchbox

    Sara Fashandi: “Message in a Matchbox” is a compilation of short stories about a young impoverished boy – the authors’ older brother – growing up in the slums of Tehran, Iran. He uses street smarts to survive and ultimately fulfill his dreams.

  • Booth #223

    Midlife Emergence – Jen Berlingo

    Jennifer Berlingo: A revelatory memoir and inviting guidebook, “Midlife Emergence” is a compassionate companion that belongs on the bedside table of every woman who finds herself burning to reclaim powerful parts of herself that social conditioning has locked away.

  • Booth #202

    Mika’s Quest

    Cat Fan, Mika’s Quest: Mika and her pet unicorn are admiring the pavilion in Golden Gate Park when suddenly a secret message appears that a precious artefact is lost, and Mika’s quest is to solve the clue and find it. Children are engaged to help solve the clues while learning about San Francisco.

  • Booth #237

    Molly Baskette

    Molly Baskette: A progressive Christian pastor writing in the space of post-traumatic joy, parenting & spirituality, and human transformation in a turbulent age.

  • Booth #232

    Mumblers Press LLC

    Mumblers Press LLC: Mumblers Press is a micro press with a multi-genre list. While they currently focus on an LGBTQ angle, their plan is to broaden things up in the next year.

  • Booth #22

    MWA NorCal

    Mystery Writers of America: Northern California regional chapter of the country’s oldest organization of professional mystery writers. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #235

    Myoozik Entertainment Group

    Myoozik Entertainment Group: Founder Derrick Whitsett is an African American man raised in Brooklyn who has published a children’s book and novel that contains elements of love, redemption, coming of age, and revenge.

  • Booth #246

    No More Hiding

    Maurice Tobin: Author of “Beautifully Imperfect” and “No More Hiding, from Trauma to Triumph” — We are all going through something whether we voice it or not and this book allowed me to voice some of the things that I’ve struggled with on a day-to-day basis. Mental health, physical health, sexual health, Harm Reduction, forgiveness, community, friendship, and the pandemic. Find me at www.mauriceatobin.com Come with me on this journey of growth and self-love.

  • Booth #C

    Noodle Girl

    Noodle Girl: A catering company providing fresh, modern Vietnamese food in the San Francisco Bay Area, straddling traditional Vietnamese food prepared with garden-fresh produce, bright flavors, and high-quality, local organic ingredients.

  • Booth #58

    Oak Tree Comics

    Oak Tree Comics: New independent publisher of environmentally-conscious comics for the young and young at heart founded in 2020 by Josh Oaktree.

  • Booth #71


    Object:Found: Creates hand-soldered glass pendants featuring original images and illustrations upcycled from salvaged books and other printed materials diverted from the waste stream. Each item is a one-of-a-kind piece that expresses a bit of your own personality through a connection with images that evoke memories and fond associations.

  • Booth #227


    Ocyrus Ink Publishing: An award-nominated author who specializes in writing Poetry and Children’s books, O’Cyrus currently serves in the United States Air Force, has a wife and three children, and does most of his writing in the wee hours of the morning.

  • Booth #254

    Pamela Green – Author

    Pamela Green: Bay Area children’s book author and educator is promoting her new book “In Your Dreams” aimed at 0-5 year olds. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book are donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

  • Booth #4.5

    Paper Lantern Writers

    The Paper Lantern Writers: Rebecca D’Harlingue’s books focus on historical fiction of all eras from Medieval Europe to the Gilded Age (and beyond), in locales around the world, from romantic to tragic and back again.

  • Booth #113

    Pathfinder Books

    Pathfinder Books: Offers books on the working-class course needed to confront capitalism’s economic, social and moral crisis. Books on Cuba’s socialist revolution, labor struggles, Black and women’s liberation, antisemitism; writings and speeches by revolutionary leaders, including Jack Barnes, Mary Alice Waters, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Fidel Castro, ithers.

  • Booth #106

    Patricia Bossano, author

    Patricia Bossano: Come meet the author of award-winning philosophical fictions and supernatural escape artist!

  • Booth #Chronicle Stage

    Pegasus Books

    Pegasus Books: Selling new and used books in Berkeley and Oakland for more than 50 years.

  • Booth #238

    Pinkus Books

    Pinkus Books: Sandra L. Rostirolla is an award-winning author of YA/Fantasy Trilogy, “The Cecilia Series.” Released in April, her new YA/Coming of Age title deals with important and timely mental health issues for teens and young adults.

  • Booth #108

    Plastic Love Monkey Press

    Plastic Love Monkey Press: Román Leão follows up “Inside a Broken Clock: A Modern Fable” with another rollicking adventure “Burn Your Starry Crown” that explores what would happen if the burden of a Second Coming was foisted on an unknowing young girl in the 1880s.

  • Booth #72

    PM Press

    PM Press: Oakland-based publisher of books and resources to educate, entertain, and inspire.

  • Booth #10

    Poetry Flash/NCBA

    Poetry Flash/NCBA: Publishes book reviews, interviews, poems, and literary events online for all of California, and also presents in-person and Zoom poetry readings, the annual Northern California Book Awards, and the annual Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival in Berkeley.

  • Booth #99

    Prisoners Literature Project

    Prisoners Literature Project: An inclusive, all-volunteer, grassroots nonprofit whose purpose is to encourage reading, the pursuit of knowledge, and self-determination among incarcerated people by ending free reading materials to those behind bars.

  • Booth #93

    Radiant Light Holistic Wellness

    Radiant Light Holistic Wellness: A local independent publisher of notebooks and prompted journals to enhance wellness and metaphysical practices. Provides goods and services rooted in spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, and self-development practices to support your mind, body, and soul.

  • Booth #14

    Rae Trujillo

    Rae Trujillo: Hand-crafted book themed up-cycled items such as bags, high quality blank journals, wallets, passport covers and luxury bookmarks. Aims to put the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” into action.

  • Booth #G

    Rainbow Italian ice

    Rainbow Italian Ice: Dairy-free, fat-free, frozen refreshment. Not Shaved Ice! Hand-scooped variety of cool flavors!

  • Booth #17

    Reading Group Choices

    Reading Group Choices: Provides resources to enhance the shared book group experience for adults and young adults worldwide. Book recommendations, discussion questions, contests and advice are available through the RGC annual print guide and eBook, monthly eNewsletter, website, book database and blog. Stop by our booth for information about our free services and resources, including free copies of our annual print guides. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #8

    Reading Partners

    Reading Partners: A nonprofit Literacy intervention program partnering with local schools to provide one on one tutoring to students. Reading Partners is looking for those who are called to help children in need sign-up today and join their team!

  • Booth #74

    Recover Your Thoughts

    Recover Your Thoughts: Creator of journals from books discarded by libraries.

  • Booth #94

    Red Hen Press

    Red Hen Press: Dedicated to publishing works of literary excellence, fostering diversity, and promoting literacy in our local schools. Will have books for sale and featured Bay Area authors stopping by their booth for book signings.

  • Booth #86

    Revolution Books

    Revolution Books: Local book seller that is both about the world and for a radically different world. Will have revolutionary communist books, banned books, graphic novels, children’s books, tee-shirts and more at their booth.

  • Booth #233.234

    Rie Neal – Author

    Rie Neal: Get a free Morse code bracelet kit when you stop by to the author of the chapter book series “Astrid the Astronaut”, about a girl who wants to be the first hard-of-hearing astronaut! Books available for purchase and signing.

  • Booth #222

    Robert DiLillo

    Robert DiLillo: Presenting a mystery set Portland, Oregon restaurants in 1980 featuring the Portland Police Department’s first female detective, Hailey Matheson.

  • Booth #91

    Sal da Terra

    Sal da Terra: A poet who shares their work in zines, self-published poetry volumes, art prints, spoken word candles, and hand crafted whimsical jewelry.

  • Booth #114

    San Francisco Authors Luncheon

    San Francisco Authors Luncheon: The National Kidney Foundation’s Authors Luncheon is the largest literary event of its kind in the Bay Area, allowing those who are passionate about literature to join with NKF in the effort to transform kidney care and improve the lives of millions through education, advocacy, and research.

  • Booth #68, 69, 70

    San Francisco Chronicle

    San Francisco Chronicle: Subscription sign ups, meet & greets, book signings, swag giveaways. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #33

    San Mateo County Libraries

    San Mateo County Librarie: Celebrate the Bay Area literary community. Stop by to learn more about our virtual Author Talk series, as well as new opportunities and resources for local, independent writers.

  • Booth #211.212

    Shanti Hershenson

    Shanti Hershenson: Teen author wil be selling several of her most popular novels, such as “Neverdying “and “The Bane of Angelfall Academy”.

  • Booth #29

    She Writes Press

    She Writes Press: Berkeley-based independent publisher of women’s books and women authors. Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #107

    Shut Up & Write!

    Shut Up & Write!: An international community that provides writers of all genres with the accountability and resources they need to get their writing done.

  • Booth #63

    Slim Chances

    Jimmy Rumsey: The gripping memoir “Slim Chances” is an extraordinary life story arising from his struggles as a teenager and young adult. His road to redemption, journey to self-healing, and extending forgiveness stand as a genuine testament to the power of positive personal transformation and the endurance of the human spirit.

  • Booth #100

    Small Press Distribution

    Small Press Distribution: Better known as SPD, has for five decades connected readers with writers by providing dynamic access to independently published literature — getting small press books out into the world so that essential but underrepresented literary communities can fully participate in the marketplace. For numerous small presses, SPD has long provided the only reliable and available access to the U.S. book market.

  • Booth #102

    Spanish Press (hispanicbookpress.com)

    Spanish Press: Publishes and distributes U.S. Hispanic and Spanish American literature. We include authors from the United States, Mexico, Spain and Spanish America.

  • Booth #247

    Stefan Salinas

    Stefan Salinas: Author and illustrator focused on matters of spirituality, religion, healing and LGBTQ+.

  • Booth #87

    Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St.Thomas

    Maggie St. Thomas: “Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St.Thomas” is about the factual and fantasy world of life and death. The book is filled with over four decades of photography work.

  • Booth #217.218

    T. E. MacArthur

    T.E. MacArthur: Come discover work by Bay Area author, artist, historian, amateur cat whisperer, and parapsychologist wannabe. Her latest novels include the 1930’s SciFi suspense “A Place of Fog and Murder” and the paranormal thriller “The Skin Thief”.

  • Booth #112

    Tell Us When To Go

    Emil DeAndreis: Written by San Francisco native DeAndreis, “Tell Us When To Go” is a coming-of-age novel which explores friendships and lives impacted for better or for worse by the 2010 tech boom.

  • Booth #45

    The BBBP

    Berkeley Baby Book Project (The BBBP): Making books a birthright in our hometown and beyond with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Will be giving out books on the spot and hosting a Children’s Activity Table with arts & crafts.

  • Booth #37

    The Butterfly Pig

    Mary Jenner: “The Butterfly Pig” is a book and a boutique, founded on the celebration of everyone’s unique differences. We hope to inspire self-love and inclusion through our whimsical story, and our uniquely designed inclusive toys.

  • Booth #50.51

    The Collective Book Studio

    Collective Book Studio: Visit our booth to enjoy drag story time and activities for kids, meet our local-to-the-bay-area authors, and buy discounted warehouse sale books! Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #61

    The Improving Democracy Project

    The Improving Democracy Project: Jan Raymond, author of “Curious Correlations, Politics and Economics” documents the ways in which high income tax rates produce a stronger country.

  • Booth #44

    The Lawrence Hall of Science

    Lawrence Hall of Science: “Lights, Optics, Action!” We use mirrors everyday but how exactly do they work? What can you discover about the way our eyes and brains “see” different types of mirrored reflections? Experiment and notice the surprising results. Festval Community Partner

  • Booth #103

    The Madrinega MIssiles

    Tim Cromartie: Set in 1983, “The Madrinega MIssiles” tells the story of Leighton, an African-American agent, who is sent undercover to Madrinega, Central America, to recover cruise missiles stolen by guerillas in order to topple a right-wing dictator.

  • Booth #95

    The Other Night: A Novel

    Ashley Taylor: “The Other Night” is a fast-paced, witty, and gripping novel about breaking abusive cycles. Despite the seriousness of the topic, the book has received rave reviews for being as hopeful as it is edgy.

  • Booth #92

    The Startup Squad

    Brian Weisfeld: “The Startup Squad” is a Macmillan-published book series to inspire girls (and boys, too) ages 7-14 to open their first lemonade stand, bake sale or any business and to empower them to learn how to think like entrepreneurs. Co-author Weisfeld will be on hand to sign books.

  • Booth #255.256

    The Three Boys

    The Three Boys, Anessa Tjarks: Stay-at-home mom and billingual children’s picture book author brings us “The Three Boys” which, in both Thai and English, tells the story of her three sons, who are all first generation in her family.

  • Booth #241

    The Trials of Immortality

    Andy Hsieh: Author of “The Trials of Immortality” — An epic undying rises underground, threatening to transform all life on the world as we know it. The burden of stopping it falls upon the young dark mage Nila Straese…

  • Booth #75

    The Weekend Store

    The Weekend Store: Makers of personal and home accessories featuring vintage maps, feminist and pop culture icons.

  • Booth #105

    Three Activist Writers

    Three Activist Writers: Three seasoned authors of multiple books on politics offer their publcations. They can’t tell your fortune, but they know which way the wind blows!

  • Booth #77

    TooFar Media

    TooFar Media: Multimedia storytelling experiences combine book, music, art, animation and video. Download the TooFar Media app at TooFarMedia.com and visit our booth.

  • Booth #205

    True Stories of the Philosophical Theater

    S. Yerucham: If you’re into Hesse, Melville, Kerouac, Ralph Ellison and I.B. Singer, you’ll enjoy “True Stories of the Philosophical Theater”! This bildungsroman is a non-fiction philosophical spiritual novel which takes you on a journey – discovering different people, places, cultures and truths.

  • Booth #252

    Tuxedo Baby

    Tuxedo Baby: A heartwarming children’s story from author Victoria Smith about family love and respect.

  • Booth #115

    University of San Francisco School of Education

    University of San Francisco School of Education: Visit our booth to learn about what we do at the USF School of Education

  • Booth #207.208

    Utopia Revisited 2050

    Prem Menon: “Utopia Revisited 2050” is set in a dialogue-driven narrative between a Silicon Valley Veteran and an unlikely interlocutor based in India. Much like Thomas More’s 1516 socio-political satire “Utopia’, the stories they tell each other describe a world transformed by technology and yet guided by humanity.

  • Booth #221

    Valerie Braylovskiy

    Valerie Braylovskiy: Bay area based poet Valerie Braylovskiy presents her newly published debut poetry chapbook “Half-Life”, with Alien Buddha Press. When she is not writing, she works at Christopher’s Books, an independent bookstore in SF.

  • Booth #96

    Viewless Wings

    Viewless Wings: Poet Laureate of Dublin, California and founder of Viewless Wing, James Moorehead has published two collections: “canvas” and “portraits of red and gray” His poems have appeared in multiple publications, media outlets, and podcasts.

  • Booth #85

    Visit Berkeley

    Visit Berkeley: More than iconic college town, Berkeley offers an array of engaging neighborhood districts, each with great places to explore. Hip arts hub, capital of California cuisine, craft beer center, urban wine country, outdoor oasis – stop by the Visit Berkeley booth (look for the tie-dye) for our new visitors guide! Festival Sponsor

  • Booth #76

    Whiskey Tit

    Whiskey Tit: Attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts. We are unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigour, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in a homogenised literary landscape.

  • Booth #13

    Why Do They Hate Us So Much

    Michael Melancon: The Bay Area author’s tell all memoir “Why Do They Hate Us So Much”recounts shocking experiences with racism. Rated Amazon’s best new release and seller in five different categories.

  • Booth #36

    Wilda Silva, Secret Keeper

    Wilda Silva, Secret Keeper, A. A. Jeffery: Fairies are real, they’re scary, they’re everywhere and they’ve got their eyes on an 11-year-old human musician named Wilda. Find out why in the exciting novel, “Wilda Silva, Secret Keeper.”

  • Booth #47

    Words in the Wild

    Words in the Wild: Stop by our booth to craft a bookmark with natural materials and read some children’s books!

  • Booth #16

    WriterCoach Connection

    WriterCoach Connection: Provides personal coaching to public school students working on their teachers’ writing assignments during class time. Every student in the class meets with a volunteer coach for individualized attention on critical thinking and writing.