• Authors & Speakers

2018 Authors & Speakers

Authors speaking at BABF are scheduled to sign copies of their books following their programs. Books will be available for purchase, courtesy of our independent bookstore partners, nearby; you may also bring a book or two from home to be signed.

Signing areas are within most indoor venues, and immediately adjacent to each of the outdoor program tents.

Vanessa Hua

Pico Iyer

Saru Jayaraman

Jamie Jensen

Dacher Keltner

Laleh Khadivi

Christian Kiefer

Lydia Kiesling

Laurie R. King

Jessica Lee

Michael David Lukas

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Greil Marcus

Lauren Markham

Joyce Maynard

Eimear McBride

Megan McDonald

Regan McMahon

John McMurtrie

Marie Mockett

Ismail Muhammad

Nayomi Munaweera

Beth Nguyen

Viet Thanh Nguyen

Joyce Carol Oates

Peggy Orenstein

Elizabeth Percer

Mitali Perkins

Bill Petrocelli

Aimee Phan

D. A. Powell

Shobha Rao