What would make you feel better right about now? An infusion of van Gogh or Cezanne? Live-streaming footage of sea creatures? A virtual hike through Yosemite? A dance party from a distance? No matter what you need most—serenity, stimulation, amusement, awe—this list has you covered. With huge thanks and kudos to Berkeley’s Maybeck High School, where, as rumor has it, this impressive compilation originated!

Snorkeling or camping aren’t options at the moment, but you can still zone out with drifting jellyfish, thrill to the sight of sunlit summits, and marvel at the wonders of nature. (Helpful hint: the aquarium livestreams can work wonders for insomnia or anxiety).

We could probably all benefit from cultivating a sense of centeredness right now. Luckily, there are plenty of resources online for keeping calm.

They’re out of school, but they don’t have to be at loose ends. Here’s a few lifesavers to keep the kids happily diverted, stimulated, and learning at a time when parenting, like everything else, is harder than ever.

Dancing is a depression-buster. So is bonding with your friends and loved ones. You can still do both, albeit from a distance.

And of course, if all else fails, revisiting a favorite book is like reconnecting with an old friend. Margaret Atwood has a great quote about re-reading tried-and-true standbys in tough times:

“Repeat reading for me shares a few things with hot-water bottles and thumb sucking: comfort, familiarity, the recurrence of the expected.”

Whatever your comfort of choice, we’re wishing you solace, health, and hope during this time, along with virtual hugs.