Authorpreneur Talva

Authorpreneur Talva: Talva is an author, ghostwriter, and screenwriter with books available for children and adults.

The Other Night: A Novel

Ashley Taylor: "The Other Night" is a fast-paced, witty, and gripping novel about breaking abusive cycles. Despite the seriousness of the topic, the book has received rave reviews for being as hopeful as it is edgy.

Hell’s Heaven, A metamorphosis in Costa Rica

Anthony Florence: "Hell's Heaven, a Metamorphosis in Costa Rica" navigates the author's culture shock from the ghetto of Roxbury, Massachusetts to a private school in Connecticut and the New York corporate world, before finally embarking on…

Doubly Happy

Anna Wong: Presented in ABC format, "Doubly Happy" captures everyday Chinese culture in prose. Playing off the unity of Double Happiness, the book affirms, celebrates and educates!

The Trials of Immortality

Andy Hsieh: Author of "The Trials of Immortality" -- An epic undying rises underground, threatening to transform all life on the world as we know it. The burden of stopping it falls upon the young dark mage Nila Straese…

America Eclipsed

America Eclipsed: Laurent Colvin created the "America Eclipsed" Tarot deck with artist Morpheus Anima, and wrote the companion book "Progressive Outrage Explored with Tarot" born out of Laurent's concern for our country when Trump ascended to…

Call Me Obie

​Ateret Haselkorn: Obie lives with an artificially printed heart and no one can know. The Sci-Fi book "Call Me Obie" takes young readers along on Obie's journey, discovering the power of empathy in a world of discrimination.

Mika’s Quest

Cat Fan, Mika's Quest: Mika and her pet unicorn are admiring the pavilion in Golden Gate Park when suddenly a secret message appears that a precious artefact is lost, and Mika’s quest is to solve the clue and find it. Children are engaged…

California School Library Association

California School Library Association: California School Librarians will bring the joy of reading, making bookmarks, buttons, flip books, hand sewn journals, drawing books and we'll share awesome stories with young people who visit our boot…

Bridgette Dutta Portman

Bridgette Dutta Portman: Come meet the author of young adult fantasy trilogy "The Coseema Saga"!