The Startup Squad

Brian Weisfeld: "The Startup Squad" is a Macmillan-published book series to inspire girls (and boys, too) ages 7-14 to open their first lemonade stand, bake sale or any business and to empower them to learn how to think like entrepreneurs. Co-author…

Books of Amelie

Books of Amelie: Reviving the nostalgia of traditionally illustrated fiction, Amelie Butkus wrote and illustrated her debut YA mystery novel at 19. "A Lamplighter in Larkeney" combines disco, robots, and an unnecessary amount of peppers into…

D.M. Roberts

Donna Roberts: Meet the SoCal indie author who will be selling her novels "Letting Go and Holding On" and "Running with Hounds...and an English Degree", which is her newest release, recently included in Kirkus Reviews' Indie Books Worth Dis…

Tell Us When To Go

Emil DeAndreis: Written by San Francisco native DeAndreis, "Tell Us When To Go" is a coming-of-age novel which explores friendships and lives impacted for better or for worse by the 2010 tech boom.


Donna DiGiuseppe: "Lady in Ermine" dramatizes the life of genius Renaissance painter Sofonisba Anguissola. The novel is adapted to a short film and for a feature.

Destiny Deems

Destiny Deems: A collection of vignettes, photographs, and images that capture moments from life. A one-of-a-kind rendering of one woman's path through the process of individuation and determining what really matters.

Daniel Micko (Bay Area Author)

Daniel Micko: Award nominated and critically acclaimed Bay Area author writes about gray areas and dark places. No limits, stretched to the margins.

Denver J. Hamilton

Denver J. Hamilton: "Addiction: What I Wish I Could Tell My Father" is the story of an artist and musician who is colorblind and tone-deaf. It takes readers along on his journey through learning to cope with depression, anxiety, poor self-image,…

In the Shadow of Diablo

Dan Hanel: "In the Shadow of Diablo" is the historical mystery series by the local award-winning author. The four-book series weaves a present-day murder mystery investigated by two high school teachers with fascinating, and often unknown, real…

Dana Killion

Dana Killion: Author of mystery and memoir, exploring what lies beyond the shadows. Her series follows her protagonist's unrelenting ability to confront deceit and corruption. Dana's soon to be released memoir tells her raw personal story of…