American Prison: Interview with Shane Bauer

Saturday, May 4 | 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
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Shane Bauer interviewed by John Diaz

“Solitary in Iran nearly broke me. Then I went Inside America’s prisons.” That was the title of the award-winning 2012 Mother Jones story by reporter Shane Bauer, who, after being detained for two years in a notorious prison in Iran, returned to journalism and took on an astonishing assignment: to go undercover as a guard in a private prison in Louisiana. His book “American Prison: A Reporter’s Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment” is a riveting, blistering indictment of the private prison system—a relic of Southern slavery—and the powerful forces that drive it. One of President Obama’s favorite books of 2018, it was named a New York Times Top 10 Best Book of the year.

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