Lidia Yuknavitch in Person: On Fearlessness, Truth, and Misfits

Saturday, April 28 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Literary
  • Women/Gender

Lidia Yuknavitch, interviewed by Daphne Gottlieb

There is no other literary voice like Lidia Yuknavitch’s. She is a “bold and ecstatic writer” (NPR), a writer’s writer, “a trailblazing literary voice that spans genres and dives deep” (Lenny Letter). The author of the award-winning speculative feminist novel “The Book of Joan” and the hypnotic memoir “The Chronology of Water” has experienced domestic violence, struggles with substance abuse, bouts of homelessness, and the loss of a child. In a raw, fearless voice she interrogates conformity, love, sex, the body, memory, and writing itself and inspires her readers with the courage to live (and write) fully. A protege of Ken Kesey and inspired by Kathy Acker, she is a self-proclaimed “misfit” and has penned a book, enhanced by interviews, called “The Misfit’s Manifesto.” Come hear her calls for authenticity in life and literature.

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