#MeToo & Beyond: Continuing to Tell the Truth

Sunday, April 29 | 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Current Affairs
  • Women/Gender

Saru Jayaraman, Winnie M. Li, T. Christian Miller, Bernice Yeung, moderated by Sandhya Dirks

Has #MeToo gone too far? (That very question, posed recently in a prominent essay, provokes a strong reaction in us.) If the answer is “not far enough,” what are the new frontiers? Together these writers, who have plumbed this topic deeply, will deconstruct the movement and explore its future. Winnie Li’s thought-provoking novel “Dark Chapter” was inspired by her own experience of assault; she also founded and runs the consent-centered Clear Lines festival in the UK. Investigative journalist Bernice Yeung has reported on sexual assault in agricultural and janitorial work. T. Christian Miller’s reporting on the story of a mishandled rape case won the Pulitzer Prize and has been developed into a book, just published. Lawyer and prominent activist Saru Jayaraman has investigated harassment of women working in the hospitality industry.

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