Muckraker: The Life and Times of Warren Hinckle

Sunday, April 29 | 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
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Pia Hinckle, Robert Scheer, Ron Turner, Steve Wasserman, moderated by Peter Richardson

As an editor, Warren Hinckle (1938-2016) reinvigorated investigative journalism at Ramparts magazine, the legendary San Francisco muckraker, and at Scanlan’s Monthly, where he helped create gonzo journalism. As a writer, he lampooned San Francisco’s political class, immortalized the city’s most colorful characters, and enshrined its most venerable saloons. Moderated by Peter Richardson, author of “A Bomb in Every Issue,” this panel features three of Hinckle’s longtime colleagues and friends—veteran muckraker Robert Scheer, publisher and critic Steve Wasserman, and publisher Ron Turner—long with Hinckle’s journalist daughter, Pia. Drawing on a new Hinckle anthology, “Ransoming Pagan Babies,” as well as his final book, “Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?,” the panelists will reflect on the life and work of a Bay Area original.

Veteran's Memorial Building - Auditorium

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