On 21st Century Mothering

Sunday, May 5 | 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Literary
  • Outdoor (Free)
  • Women/Gender

Vanessa Hua, Lydia Kiesling, Dani McClain, moderated by Devi Laskar

How far will a mother go for her child? In Vanessa Hua’s “River of Stars,” a mother’s love carries her across the ocean and then some, all in the name of protecting her baby. In Lydia Kiesling’s “The Golden State,” a mother takes her young child on a road trip that defies the conventions of the genre. In “We Live for the We,” Dani McClain explores the power and responsibility of her own love as a new mother to a Black child in America. These three authors explore the voracious worry, stubborn hope, and deep love of 21st century motherhood.

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