Outdoor Therapy: National Parks with Becky Lomax

Saturday, May 4 | 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Environment/Nature
  • Travel

Becky Lomax interviewed by Kaylé Barnes

Need a break from the traffic and stress of city life? Ready for a technology detox? Let Becky Lomax, author of “Moon USA National Parks,” be your “outdoor therapist” with wise advice on choosing the park that’s just right for unwinding. From the misty mountains of the east and the redwoods of the west, to the glaciers of Alaska and volcanoes of Hawaii, Lomax reveals the top experiences in each of the 59 parks throughout the U.S. With deep knowledge of each park, she explains where to go for maximum solitude or a family’s first camping trip. Lomax will even demonstrate the expert way to pack all of your essentials for a good, long hike. Interviewed by Kaylé Barnes of The Great Outchea.

Berkeley City College - Auditorium

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