78. Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Sunday, June 4 | 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Current Affairs
  • Environment/Nature
  • Spirituality

Andrew Behar, Clair Brown, moderated by Kate Campbell

Most of us have some type of savings or retirement plan, but generally that’s where our knowledge ends. We don’t know how that money is invested, or whether it is helping or hindering big social and environmental problems such as income disparity, poor labor conditions, corruption, or climate change. How can we ensure that our hard-earned bucks are going toward causes we care about? How can we think through our relationship with money in terms of our values? Andrew Behar (head of the nonprofit As You Sow and author of ‘The Shareholders Action Guide’) and UC Berkeley professor and Buddhist Clair Brown (‘Buddhist Economics’) will shed light on these complex issues in a conversation moderated by socially responsible investment advisor Kate Campbell, North Berkeley Investment Partners.

David Brower Center - Goldman Theater

Book signing information: David Brower Center Gallery

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