Viv Albertine (Formerly of The Slits) Sits Down with Greil Marcus

Sunday, April 29 | 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
  • International
  • Literary
  • Women/Gender

Viv Albertine interviewed by Greil Marcus

Post punk rocker Viv Albertine (formerly of the feminist cult band The Slits) played at the heart of the British counterculture before pursuing TV and film directing and a solo music career. Her newly released second memoir, “To Throw Away Unopened,” begins where her last left off. She confronts questions of feminism, family, and inevitable death with the raw, intimate, vulnerable style that’s her trademark. Once a reader connects with this powerful voice it’s impossible to stop reading or stay untouched. Albertine comes to us from the U.K. for this conversation with legendary rock critic Greil Marcus.

The Brower Center - Goldman Theater