Women Write the World: On Equality, Justice, and Freedom

Sunday, April 29 | 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Current Affairs
  • Women/Gender

Samina Ali, Belva Davis, Camille Hayes, Michelle Mush Lee, moderated by Deborah Santana

In our turbulent world where human rights and justice are being challenged, it’s important to understand and have compassion for those whose paths we have not walked. “All the Women in My Family Sing,” a collection of prose and poetry by 69 women of color, explores the realities, joys, and challenges of being a woman of color in the 21st century. Editor Deborah Santana is joined by authors Camille Hayes, Michelle “Mush” Lee, Samina Ali, and Belva Davis, all of whom share stories and insights that can help create bridges between worlds we know very well and those we may not.

The Brower Center - Tamalpais Room