Speaker Spotlight: Viv Albertine

Viv Albertine made a name for herself as the guitarist of punk rock band The Slits in the late 1970s. She made history as a member of an all-female band when the music industry was dominated by men. Throughout her life, she has worked as a musician, a film director, and a writer. Her first memoir, “Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys Boys.” received Book of the Year awards from The Sunday Times, Rough Trade, MOJO, and NME. While her 2014 memoir detailed her music career, her new memoir, “To Throw Away Unopened” describes her relationships with her family and her life growing up through the lense of her mother’s recent death. If her first book revealed who she was as an artist, this sequel reveals who she is as a woman. Can’t wait to attend her session at BABF and want to hear more from Albertine now? Check out this article where she talks about feminism in the 1970s.