Vanessa Esquivido

Vanessa Esquivido (she/her/they) is an enrolled member of the Nor Rel Muk Wintu Nation, also Hupa and Xicana. Esquivido is the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria’s education director. Esquivido earned their PhD in Native American studies…

Cinnamongirl Serena G

Serena is fifteen years old and in the 10th grade. She enjoys reading, writing, learning foreign languages, singing, and learning to play the guitar. She is a staunch advocate for environmental justice and empowerment for girls of color.

Cinnamongirl Samaiya

Cinnamongirl Samaiya is a fourth-grader who loves art of all kinds. Whether its through her writing, fashion, dancing or visual arts, Samaiya is obsessed with the various ways that she and others can express themselves. Samaiya loves to get…

Cinnamongirl Aden

Aden is an avid reader. She also enjoys sewing, public radio and rainy days. She is excited to be participating in the Bay Area Book Festival for the very first time.

Cinnamongirl Talia

A member of Cinnamongirl, Talia is eleven years old and attends a dual immersion school where she takes classes in English and Spanish. She loves to read and do art and snuggle with her dog. Talia is on swim team and serves as a certified kindness…

Cinnamongirl Kamiyah

Cinnamongirl Kamiyah loves reading, skateboarding, and spending time outdoors. Her passion for helping others is evident in everything she does, whether she's working with her team at school or volunteering at a local charity. Kamiyah is a true…

Cinnamongirl Lea

Lea is an aspiring aerospace engineer. As a small child, her mother relocated their family from Arkansas to the Bay Area. Growing up in the Bay and becoming an A Better Chance scholar has provided Lea with a quality education inside and outside…

Cinnamongirl Laila

Laila is a fourth grader and this is her first year as a Cinnamongirl. She has enjoyed reading every opportunity that Cinammongirl has afforded her this year. She is also an award-winning competitive dancer in tap, jazz, and hip-hop.

Cinnamongirl Neve

Neve is in fourth grade and loves photography, writing, and reading.