Atia Abawi

Atia Abawi is a foreign correspondent and author based in the Middle East. Atia spent time traveling and embedding with U.S., NATO, and Afghan forces. She also reported on various international stories for CNN, including the Aung San Suu Kyi trial — where she had to sneak into Myanmar’s military state and film covertly — and the Gaza Flotilla attack of 2010 by Israeli forces. After nearly five years of living in Afghanistan, Atia moved to Jerusalem in January 2013. In that year, she covered President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Israel and Palestine, the military coup in Egypt, and the Kenyan mall siege by Al-Shabab militants. Atia’s first book, “The Secret Sky: A Novel of Forbidden Love in Afghanistan” was published in September 2014. Her next book, “A Land Of Permanent Goodbyes,” based on the ongoing refugee crisis, was released to critical acclaim in 2018.