Joseph Kelly

Joseph I. Kelly began his lifelong involvement in San Francisco politics soon after graduating from Hastings College of Law, organizing get-out-the-vote work on the 1962 gubernatorial campaign of his father-in-law, Pat Brown, and managing Pat Brown’s 1966 Bay Area campaign. While he never ran for office himself, Kelly served on a variety of City commissions and worked on dozens of political campaigns, including those of Governor Jerry Brown and Treasurer Kathleen Brown. He served as a delegate to the1964 and 1968 Democratic conventions and has been deeply involved in the City’s political culture. He spent his legal career as a deputy California Attorney General and later as an attorney for PG&E, where he developed an expertise in municipal and political reform act law. Kelly maintains close ties to many community and civic organizations in the city, including his alma mater, St. Ignatius High, where many of his grandchildren attended.