Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz is a New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and IndieBound best-selling author. Her more than 45 books have also topped USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists and have been published in more than 20 countries. She is best known for her Blue Bloods series (with more than three million copies in print), The Descendants books based on the Disney Channel films, and the Witches of East End novels, which were turned into a two-season drama series on Lifetime Television. Her recent book releases include “Alex & Eliza,” which was a New York Times bestseller for 20 weeks, as well as “Something in Between,” “Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe,” and “Someone to Love.” “Love & War,” the sequel to “Alex & Eliza,” is her newest.

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2018 - Melissa de la Cruz Writes It All: History, Fantasy, Modern Life