Sam Hodder

Sam Hodder joined Save the Redwoods League as its president and CEO in 2013, bringing more than 26 years of conservation experience. Under his leadership, the League has permanently protected more than 20,000 acres of redwood lands and implemented ambitious forest restoration projects. Sam has guided the development of the League’s Centennial Vision for Redwoods Conservation, a 100-year plan to accelerate forest conservation and the regeneration of coast redwood and giant sequoia forests across their natural ranges and to enhance visitor experience in the redwood parks. Sam has further advanced the League’s Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative, a project that has led to pioneering research on the unique ecosystems thriving in the old-growth redwood canopy. He also has provided greater focus for the League’s investment in educational programs and redwood park public access improvements.

Photo credit: Courtesy Save the Redwoods League