Sylvie Denis

Sylvie Denis, who lives in southwest France, has been an avid science fiction reader since she was a teenager and has participated to every major science fiction event since the 1990s—festivals, conventions, editorial projects. In 1995, she founded the magazine Cyberdreams, which was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire. Sylvie Denis is also an anthologist and a translator for publishing houses such as J’ai lu, Mnémos, and Flammarion. Her French translation of Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb)’s novel “Le Dernier Magicien” was awarded the Prix Imaginales. Denis is the author of short stories, and a short novel. She received the Prix Solaris for “L’Anniversaire de Caroline,” the Rosny Aîné award for “Dedans-Dehors,” and the Julia Verlanger award for “Haute Ecole.”

Featured In

2018 - The Art of Science Fiction: Interview with Sylvie Denis, France's Queen of Sci-Fi