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Into the Wild: Foraging Sustainably in Today's World

Hear from foragers of all kinds — urban, sea, Bay Area and Native — about how to forage sustainably, harvesting wild plants in ways that enhance rather than degrade our environment. These four experts will reveal ways in which gathering…
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Not Just Content: The Future of Writing and Reading

Join this eclectic group of writers, editors and publishers — including the editorial director of digital library Scribd — as they discuss how technology impacts storytelling, and vice versa.

Beyond Mindfulness

The mindfulness boom is having an impact in many areas of life, from therapy to child-rearing, from the military to prisons, from the boardroom to the health clinic. But there is growing concern that a focus on “non-judgmental present awareness”…

Raising a Reader Presents Family Strategies

The Raising a Reader staff offers read-aloud demonstrations and strategies specifically designed to build early literacy and support learning standards, including Common Core and The Preschool Learning Foundations. Bring the kids and learn new…

Moving Beyond Sad: Transforming Tough Topics into Great Reads

To tell a sad story is an age-old impulse, but to do so in a way that makes others want to read that story is something else again. In this panel, four prose masters discuss the emotional and intellectual processes of penning and publishing…

New Voices, New Stories: Stellar Debuts Not to be Missed

There’s nothing more exciting than the best new voices in fiction, and the presence of the debut novel has never been stronger. Hear from these marvelous writers, moderated by Book Passage’s Bill Petrocelli, and make some terrific reading…

Shocking Stories, Profound Truths: Two Master Journalists Unpack Mass Murder

On an idyllic island in Norway, 69 young people were shot by a fellow Norwegian. In the U.S., gunshots rang out at Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook. The atrocities that occurred in Srebrenica and Rwanda are almost unimaginable. What makes a human…
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No Boundaries: Fiction from Around the Globe (#2)

Join writers from Italy, Sweden, Finland, and Australia discussing how setting and nationality influence their work. Is one a nationality first and a writer second?

Jim Shepard & Daniel Handler | Writer to Writer

"One of the United States’ finest writers,” according to Joshua Ferris, “full of wit, humanity, and fearless curiosity,” gives us a novel that will join the short list of classics about children caught up in the Holocaust. Jim Shepard…
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The Future of Vietnamese American Literature

Forty years after the Fall of Saigon, Vietnamese American writers produce diverse literature that moves beyond classic immigrant/refugee narrative into genres of memoir, experimental poetry, graphic novel and espionage thriller. This panel engages…