Voting Rights Programming

This year’s election is arguably one of the most important in our lives. But a fair vote, one that reflects the views of all Americans, is at serious risk. Voter suppression tactics (especially targeting people of color, Native people, and youth), court decisions (including a recent decision mandating in-person voting during a pandemic), and other factors directly undermine the democratic process and endanger elections across the board, from local and state races to the all-important Congressional and presidential elections. This isn’t an exaggeration: What’s at stake is the viability of the United States itself and its future as the “leader of the free world.”

Bay Area Book Festival #UNBOUND has created a six-program VOTING RIGHTS series as the centerpiece of its summer 2020 programs. The goal of this series is to inform the public, encourage discourse, and provide non-partisan resources for taking action.  This series is distributed not only through #UNBOUND but via a coalition of book festivals nationwide, along with C-SPAN BookTV and numerous nonprofit partners.