Where a literary mecca meets the global capital of innovation!

We are thrilled to announce that the Bay Area Book Festival will take place at UC Berkeley and the City of Berkeley over the weekend of June 6-7, 2015. We expect 150 world-class authors, 100,000 visitors, and a hundred literary-themed exhibitors. Plus we’ll have a huge Children’s Arena!

Check out a San Francisco Chronicle book review article and Leah Garchik’s column on the festival. And take a peek at our Literary Council and some authors who have signed on thus far. (Full list to come in late fall.)

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THE BAY AREA BOOK FESTIVAL will feature over 150 of the world’s best authors—international, national and local, across genres and categories—on panels and stages over a weekend. A hundred thousand Bay Area residents and visitors will make a day out of festival events. People of all ages, interests and backgrounds will check out exhibitors and pavilions that showcase our region’s bookstores, publishers, and many other literary resources, all in one place. While we’ll celebrate traditional books, we’ll also highlight digital innovations (since the Bay Area is the birthplace of the digital revolution, after all) that help people create and share literary work.

This website is only a precursor to an extensive site to come later this year. Here we share the vision with many constituencies, including authors, bookstores, publishers, literary nonprofits, businesses, media outlets, digital innovators, civic leaders, funders, community groups, and—most of all—readers. You!

Why a new book festival for the Bay Area?

The Bay Area has been a literary mecca for decades. There are few places in the world that have the kind of literary ecosystem we do, rich with writers, independent bookstores, literary nonprofits, specialty publishers, universities, and engaged readers.

We deserve the kind of book festival that other major cities offer: a large, free event that brings together hundreds of esteemed authors, tens of thousands of diverse readers, and booksellers, publishers, nonprofits and many other exhibitors—all in a single weekend at a family-friendly venue.

We also happen to be the hub of the digital revolution that has changed the world. That includes ways in which books are created, discovered, enjoyed and shared. We can bring together the literary sphere and digital innovators in a way that no one else can.

We’re also a global city. The Bay Area Book Festival will feature more international authors than any other general book festival in the country.

Our region is to the 21st century what Venice and Florence were to the 15th century: a place of renaissance where the arts, technologists, and diverse people come together.The Bay Area is a capital of possibility. What are books about, if not opening possibility every time we turn a page?