Over the past three years, haven’t we all experienced how community matters? Here’s our gift to help keep it strong:

The literary event you love is now FREE! Please join us in making it possible to offer this event to everyone.


Reading builds connections across differences. The festival is where understanding, empathy, and ideas leap off the page and bring us closer together. If you believe that more readers, more writers, more book-lovers make for a stronger and better community, please donate to keep this experience truly accessible for every adult, teen, and child in the Bay.

Show your generosity by choosing a gift amount below. We’ll also thank you online!

ATTN: Gifts of $150 and above mean you’re part of our Friends of the Festival giving circle, and we’ll thank you with special gifts! Below is a quick summary (more details on the Friends of the Festival page).


You’re helping someone attend who previously couldn’t afford it


You’re welcoming three people who previously couldn’t afford it!


You’re enabling access for more people and helping expand outdoor programs

$150: Friend of the Festival: Manuscript Level

All the above plus thank you gifts: Festival-wide priority seating for one (speeds your access to your faves) plus a top headliner ticket

$250: Friend of the Festival x Two: Chapbook Level

More thank yous: Priority seating for two, plus two top headliner tickets

$500: Friend of the Festival + Friday: Book Party Level

Yet more: All the above plus two invitations to the festival Kickoff Authors Party on Friday night

$1,000: Friend of the Festival: Bestseller Book Party Level

All the above and four invites to the festival Kickoff Authors Party on Friday night

$2,500: VIP Friend of the Festival: Epic Level

Two VIP passes (same as the Authors get) to bypass the line at regular events, a mug and tote (same as the Authors), four top headliner tickets, and four invites to the Kickoff Authors Party

$5,000: Two VIP Friends of the Festival: Magnum Opus Level

Three VIP passes (same as the Authors get) to bypass the line at regular events, three mugs and totes (same as the Authors), plus six top headliner tickets and six invites to the Kickoff Authors Party

Above this amount, friends simply have to talk. Email us at [email protected], and together we can make your literary weekend just what you hope it can be! Have a company and possibly interested in sponsoring a program, the party, or our merch, or simply want to bring a large crew? We have options! Contact [email protected]


Do You Own Stocks?

Get appreciation from us because of your appreciation! Give a gift of appreciated securities, which may help you save big on taxes! It’s super easy: Just email [email protected], and Cherilyn Parsons will get back to you. Or, if you prefer, just email [email protected], describe your intention, and cc your broker; we’ll do the rest, with your confirmation. You’ll experience our appreciation at the relevant donor level.

Do you appreciate getting older (maybe?) and have an “Uncle Ira” (IRA)? Benefit from another tax-saver: if you’re over 70 ½ and must take a “required qualified distribution” from your IRA (a distribution that otherwise adds to your tax base this year), you can donate all or part of it (min. $1,000) to BABF. Email [email protected] as above.

Other questions?! Email [email protected].

Have a Donor Advised Fund?

Many of our larger donors give this way. Just ask your manager to send your grant to the Foundation for Literature and Literacy (dba Bay Area Book Festival), a 501(c)(3) designated, California-based nonprofit corporation with Tax ID #47-3955286, at 1569 Solano Ave. #635, Berkeley, CA 94707, with contact person Cherilyn Parsons at [email protected]. The manager will confirm with us that we don’t provide any goods and services. Easy!

Prefer to Donate by Check?

Please make a check out to Bay Area Book Festival and send to 1569 Solano Avenue #635, Berkeley, CA 94707. If possible, please include your email address.

About the Bay Area Book Festival

The Bay Area Book Festival is the main project of the Foundation for the Future of Literature and Literacy, a 501(c)(3) designated, California-based nonprofit corporation with Tax ID #47-3955286. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. For any questions, please email [email protected].