Holding Corporations Accountable, with Authors Andrew Behar and Clair Brown

Interested in putting your money where your heart is, and making financial decisions that are in line with your values?

On Sunday, June 4, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from two leading authors on the topic — Andy Behar and Clair Brown.

Andy Behar is founder of the Oakland-based nonprofit As You Sow and author of The Shareholder Action Guide, while Clair Brown is a UC Berkeley economist and author of the book Buddhist Economics.

Kate Campbell, Founder and Partner at North Berkeley Investment Partners, will moderate the June 4 discussion. When it comes to financial decisions and investments, she recently told us:

“…people are not only alienated from understanding [what they own], but…they also feel conflicted about the fact that they own companies they don’t feel great about, despite not knowing exactly which companies they are.”

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For more on the June 4 event at the Bay Area Book Festival, see our schedule here.