T. J. Stiles on the Art of Biography

T.J. Stiles has won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography and the National Book Award for Nonfiction—but those are just the facts. As Stiles shows in his books and will discuss in this session, biographies are so much more than mere facts. How…

Exquisite Insanity: Moms Who Write

We live in an era where women are pitted against each other based on parenting decisions. We hear narratives of “childless by choice” vs. mothers, and those who do parent are conscripted into mommy wars: working mothers vs. stay-at-home…

The Business of Publishing, 2015 Edition

The publishing industry has brought us every book at this festival, but this industry has undergone massive change in response to the digital revolution and faces pressure from companies such as Amazon. How does the publishing industry work…

Writing the New Neighborhood: Narratives of the Shifting Cities

A lively roster of multi-genre writers discuss how to document the changing face of the Bay Area and embody our new multicultural, multilingual story. Arab American writer/performer/activist/teacher Elmaz Abinader will announce a new series…

Up Close with Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman

Marriage, writing. Writing and marriage! With kids! How in the world do they make it work? Get an insiders’ view as this well-known and much-loved literary couple talk with author and host of Medium's digital series "Foreword."
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Unleash Your Creative Superpowers with National Novel Writing Month

Presented on our YA Stream This conversation comes with an artistic advisory: prepare to dive deep into your imagination and be surprised by what you might find. You’re about to enter the place where dreams (and stories) begin. National…
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Native Voices - featuring the Essayists of the 2020 Graton Writing Project

The Graton Writing Project is a series of writing workshops open to middle- and high-school Native students from Sonoma, California, that culminates in a published youth anthology. This year, students were asked to write on the theme of…
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2020 Bay Area Book Festival Writing Contest Showcase

The Bay Area Book Festival’s Writing Contest aims to encourage people to engage with the craft of writing. This year’s prompt was centered around the theme of expectations, and submissions were judged in three categories: Adult (18+), High…
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Ready, Set, Write: NaNoWriMo Middle Grade & Young Adult Challenge with the Bay Area Book Festival

The Bay Area Book Festival is joining up with the hugely popular, community-building writing initiative National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) for a special virtual “write-in” for middle-grade and high school writers, led by…

Ready, Set, Publish with Courtney Maum

Catch it here first! Come see hosts Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo interview Courtney Maum about her indispensable new book, Before and After the Book Deal, for the popular Write-minded podcast. This conversation…