11. From Every Angle: Women Writing About the Body

Saturday, June 3 | 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Current Affairs
  • Literary
  • Women/Gender

Roxane Gay, Sonya Renee Taylor, and Sarai Walker, moderated by Aya de Leon

In our culture, as in many around the world, women’s bodies are viciously monitored and criticized. We are under pressure to digitally alter our media images and surgically alter our actual bodies. We live with nonstop criticism, hostile “advice,” and condescension. But what do fat women have to say about the body, feminism, health, sexuality, food, consumerism, and community? This panel brings together women authors across genres of memoir, fiction, and poetry with a range of experiences and perspectives. In an era where body positivity and fat liberation increasingly push back against body shaming and fatphobia, what do they hope to achieve through the complex and nuanced stories they tell?

Berkeley City College - Auditorium

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