I’m Losing You: Fiction on Grief, Change, and the Pathos of Fame

Saturday, May 4 | 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Literary

Tom Barbash, Erik Tarloff, Adrian Todd Zuniga, moderated by Elizabeth Rosner

“Somehow the wires have crossed / Communication’s lost / … I’m losing you,” sang John Lennon. Tom Barbash channels Lennon in a story about a son trying to help a washed-up father revive his TV career while living at The Dakota. Erik Tarloff paints a vivid portrait of one of the greatest (fictional) postwar actors and the mystery of his demise—telling the story entirely through fictional oral histories. Adrian Todd Zuniga has written a heartbreaking, hilarious novel about a young wannabe screenwriter haunted by the ghost of the woman he loved.

Brower Center - Goldman Theater