The Fine Print: Here’s what we’re reading 

(All by 2018 Festival authors!)

“The Wonder Down Under” by Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl

These Norwegian writers pack equal doses of humor and information in this groundbreaking “user’s guide to the vagina,” answering questions that, frankly, we didn’t know we had!

“If you are raising a young person with a vagina and a brain, give them this book. And get another copy for yourself. It’s delightfully sciencey and funny with a big dose of sex-positive warmth.”―Emily Nagoski

“The Last Watchman of Old Cairo” by Michael David Lukas

This coming-of-age novel is a treat for anyone seeking rich history and spellbinding literature. The story follows a Berkeley student who comes from a family of mixed religion—Islam and Judaism—as he explores the centuries-long relationship between the two halves of himself.

Check out this conversation between Michael David Lukas and Lydia Kiesling of The Millions (who is also coming to the Festival!)

“Munmun” by Jesse Andrews

A brand new release from one of the hottest YA authors today: a dystopian world in which your size directly corresponds to your power. So the “little guys” are literally in danger of getting stepped on by the wealthy behemoths.

“In a brash and wildly inventive novel, Andrews (“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”) effectively uses a gonzo alternate reality to frame urgent issues that include income inequality, rampant consumerism, and class disparity.” — Publishers Weekly