Women Lit Member Directory

Women Lit is, above all, a community. In these socially distanced times, our members’ directory is a way for us to preserve one of the best aspects of that community: the ability to learn about one another!

“Female friendship has been the bedrock of women’s lives for as long as there have been women.”

Rebecca Traister, author of Good and Mad
(and a Women Lit speaker!)

Your directory profile can be as detailed or simple as you want it to be. If you choose to create a profile, you can use it to share photos, social media links, a few words about your favorite books and authors, opinions on the latest literary bestseller…whatever you’re comfortable with. Think of it as a fun way to break the ice—virtually. Edit your profile here.

And now the official stuff: The information in this Directory is for communication among Women Lit members and Bay Area Book Festival/Women Lit only, and will never be shared with any outside party. Use of the Directory for any other purpose, including commercial or political communications or solicitations, is prohibited.

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