About Women Lit

We urgently need women’s voices to be better represented around the literary table, and Women Lit can help us get there.”

— Sarah Manyika, Author and Books Editor, Ozy.com

The momentum of the current cultural moment was created collectively by women joining with other women. Similarly, Women Lit gathers women, both writers and readers alike, around accessing and celebrating women’s voices. Through their donations, members help bring female authors to the festival and to a series of year-round events, while also creating opportunities to network among themselves around these author appearances and other, like-minded events. Thus members help create highly relevant conversations that benefit themselves and society overall.

Women Lit is a new, membership-based literary society, created by the Bay Area Book Festival, with a mission to raise women’s voices, to educate and inspire the world with woman-authored writing, and to expand women’s connections with each other. Women Lit accomplishes these tasks through memberships, which financially allow us to bring compelling female authors to Festival stages and to year-round events, and to create gatherings that foster literary community among Bay Area women.

By supporting Women Lit, you can:

  • Meet important female authors, learn from them, and help amplify their voices
  • Meet and engage with other Lit-up women through private salons, receptions, and other events, growing your personal and professional network
  • Invest in a fresh way in culture and the arts by supporting the Bay Area Book Festival, one of the world’s leading literary events that takes place right where you live
  • Bring about social change through the proven power of literature to transform minds and hearts

Other benefits? Go to Join Us for specifics on membership levels and benefits.

P.S. Wondering about the Bay Area Book Festival? Welcome to one of the premier literary festivals in the world—now in its fifth year in downtown Berkeley! The Festival is a two-day event complete with literary sessions presenting top authors from the Bay Area, the nation, and the world, along with an outdoor fair with hundreds of literary exhibitors. We also offer a rich array of leading children’s and young adult authors, along with dozens of kids’ activities at the Festival and through writing contests. Since our inception in 2015, the Festival has welcomed more than 800 authors and is approaching 100,000 attendees.

Check out the 2019 Festival (May 4-5, 2019) and past events in our Archive.