The Science of Booze

There are no better guides to the magic, mystery, lore, and, yes, science of alcohol and the drinks that are made with it. Expect a very spirited discussion, one from which you'll learn a treasure trove of very useful information!
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Food Is Fundamental

Even before COVID-19 shined a light on the precarity faced by food servers, farm laborers, and meat processing workers—and how their working conditions impact us all—it was clear that we were desperately in need of a food revolution. From…
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Merlin Sheldrake and Michael Pollan on Entangled Life: What the Secret Social Networks of Fungi Reveal About Nature’s Genius and Being Human

In 2016, a New Yorker profile by famed naturalist Robert Macfarlane introduced the world to one of the most important young thinkers of our age: Merlin Sheldrake. Moving from the labs of Cambridge to the jungles of Central America, this revolutionary…
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Food for Thought: Will Restaurants Survive?

Our neighborhood eateries and watering holes are more than places to gather and break bread. For patrons, they’re cornerstones of community life. And for staff, they’re a second home and a labor of love. But the public health risk from…
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Season: An Interview with Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma is the beloved curator of the award-winning food blog "A Brown Table." In "Season," his stunning new book, he shares a treasury of ingredients, techniques, and flavors that combine in a way that's both familiar and completely unexpected.…
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Notes From A Young Black Chef: Kwame Onwuachi

Meet the all-star chef whose kitchen wizardry and unique flair for fusion were praised by food critic Bill Addison as "ignited and firing at peak level." In Onwuachi's remarkable culinary coming-of-age story, "Notes From a Young Black Chef,"…
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Creating a Better Way to Eat: Hippies, Hawkers and Starfruits

Your dinner tonight is about so much more than just what's on the plate—though this panel is about to make that more interesting too. Jonathan Kauffman's "Hippie Food: How Back-to-the-Landers, Longhairs, and Revolutionaries Changed the Way…
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Cooking Like Samin: The Art of Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat

Called "America's next great cooking teacher" by Alice Waters, Samin Nosrat has taught everyone how to cook—professional chefs, children, and even Michael Pollan. Now it's your turn to learn the hows and whys of what good cooking can be. Nosrat…