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Writing workshop for elementary kids: Twisting A Tale

This workshop uses traditional folktales and fairy tales to stimulate the imagination as students write a creative piece that twists the well-known story into a completely new tale. Grades 4-5. RSVP coming soon!

Incredible Animal Adventures

If your little ones love animals (and who doesn’t?), you can’t miss this storytelling session featuring some of the funniest, cutest, cleverest animal-centric picture books around that’ll have your kids entranced. With Megan Mcdonald …

Our Earth

Our kids are inheriting the earth, and it’s never too soon to start cultivating their appreciation, protectiveness, and love for the wild places and creatures that make it so magical. This dazzling session brings together Academy Award winning…

Scientific Storytelling

We all know science is real. It’s also—surprise, surprise—fun and fascinating! This storytime brings the wonders and applications of science gloriously alive for young readers, featuring Ashley Benham-Yazdani (Cosmic Wonder: Halley’s…

Imagined World

Fire up your middle graders’ imaginations with an enchanting session full of fantasy, intrigue, and the beauty of invented worlds. Featuring Kalyn Josephson (author of This Dark Descent, about a family that breeds enchanted horses), Lisa Moore…

(Community Love)

At a time when there’s so much separation and division in the world, a strong sense of community is more important than ever for kids’---and everyone’s—capacity to thrive and grow. These authors each take their own unique approach to…

Middle School Beyond the Classroom

These exciting novels about middle school go beyond the classroom, exploring kids’ talents, fears, strengths, home lives, and dreams. Mónica Mancillas’ Salva (Sing it Like Celia) finds a sense of belonging and closeness through her love…