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The Next Chapter: Navigating the Modern Book Publishing Landscape

Come out for a vibrant panel discussion, moderated by Brooke Warner (She Writes Press), with three California book publishers, Karen Chan (Gloo Books), Angela Engel (Collective Book Studio), and Steve Wasserman (Heyday Books). This conversation…
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Break Through: Finding the Unexpected in Your Own Writing

Great writing has aspects of revelation and surprise. Authors writing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry share tips on how they tap into the unconscious and use the unexpected to do their best work. RSVP coming soon!  
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How to Write a Haiku

Poems are very efficient vehicles of language. In order to function, all excessive words must be trimmed away. Given that premise, is there any poetic tradition more efficient and evocative than the Japanese haiku form: 17 syllables in all,…
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That Was Then: Writing Historical Fiction

What makes something a historical novel instead of a history? How much research is too much research? In the absence of time travel, how does a writer recreate the past on the page? In this one-hour workshop, 3 award-winning historical novelists,…
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Writing workshop for elementary kids: Twisting A Tale

This workshop uses traditional folktales and fairy tales to stimulate the imagination as students write a creative piece that twists the well-known story into a completely new tale. Grades 4-5. RSVP coming soon!